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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Niagara Falls Never Fail to Fascinate Their Visitors

Travelers looking out for some memorable experiences to cherish for their entire lifetime would definitely want to visit Niagara Falls. An inviting roar of these rushing falls have attracted tourists from different parts of the world ever since they were discovered, and it continues to fascinate its visitors even today. Viewing them from different look-out points is always a pleasure for tourists,  and there are many other attractions to be explored while holidaying in this part of the world.

Couples can enjoy the most romantic moments together by taking a stroll beside the falls, and having their stays booked in any of intimate inns or hotels. If the tourists are traveling with their entire family, there would be no better place than Niagara Falls to explore several majestic attractions, and indulge in all the fun activities. Kids can have loads of entertainment awaiting them at the incredible water parks in this region. Some attractive vacation deals available on the tours of Niagara Falls offered by leading travel sites, help travelers to save big time while booking their trip to this amazing place on earth. They can also have a wonderful itinerary planned for them in these tours.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Impressive aspect of these falls is their nightly illumination, which delights even the people viewing them from a nearby hotel, restaurant, or observation deck. The Falls Fireworks add extra sparkle to the fantastic visual treat every Friday to Sunday. People on a tour of this region can also witness these fireworks during summer months and special occasions. Moving away from the falls, tourists can get to other interesting places around the region, such as, vineyards, golf courses, and casinos. The casual eateries and restaurants near Niagara Falls dish out a variety of mouth-watering culinary delights, which can be relished by all the food lovers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dubai – Witness the Arabian Jewel with Travel Universally

Dubai is one-of-a-kind place on earth where man's visions become reality and all dreams come true at a blink. This jewel-oasis is a seamless amalgamation of the modern world and traditional aspects of life in the United Arab Emirates and you can experience them both at your own pace.

Earlier what was a small economy was transformed into the most visually dynamic and stunning cosmopolitan city in the world, originally built on the oil wealth. However, now it is more to it, the city has turned its attention to become 'THE' tourist hotspot. Attracting many interests from its offerings and a perfect example of the ancient and modern worlds co-existing side-by-side.

Dubai Attractions

Dubai is an ambitious place and one of the must-see cities of the world. It offers many attractions such as camel rides, traditional markets, golf courses, Mecca of branded shops and yes, you will surely praise its intriguing beach-line.

One of the many popular places, Wild Wadi Water park, in Jumeirah is one of the best parks in the world and while visit this, you can wheeze at world's first 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab a marvelous structure raising high in the sky few meters away from the coastline. Many cosmopolitan duty-free malls, haute couture boutiques and local bazaars well quench your senses, catering to your shopping needs. The Dubai Desert Safari takes you on an exhilarating voyage through the fabulous sand dunes.

Dubai takes architectural design to a whole new level, and has become the epicenter of skyscrapers and gigantic construction projects that are making history in its skyline. Apart from the world leading hotels and luxurious accommodation to world's hottest marinas there are plenty of tours and events that are top notch to. Dubai hosts one of the world's Grand Prix stages, ATP Tour Tennis and golf tournaments, its sealine sees tantalizing water sports year-round.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Rich Culture of Dominican Republic

One of the largest islands of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic is spread over a vast region on the island of Hispaniola. It has Atlantic Ocean to the north and Caribbean Sea to its south. This country is a perfect blend of Taino Indian, African and European cultures. People visiting this nation can witness it in the region's music, food, arts, and many other aspects. Within a short span of time, tourists can have the good fortune to experience both traditions and modernity in Dominican Republic. Among all the things that introduce travelers to the rich cultural heritage of this country, food is the most visible aspect.

Attractions in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Vacations
 The delicacies served in this part of the world have a Latin American feel, and one is instantly reminded of the fact that this country was once a Spanish colony. Dominican Republic's cuisine makes a generous use of meat, rice, and beans in its dishes; while Taino Indian culinary delights feature ingredients like plantains, potatoes, and yucca. Besides its rich cuisine, the country has also managed to preserve its traditions through brilliant artwork. Decorative and religious figures made of porcelain, guano, clay and hemp are created by the local artists, which can be purchased as souvenirs at several markets and shops of this region.

A tour of this nation would give tourists the opportunity to explore its fabulous culture. Many of the popular travel sites come up with irresistible all inclusive vacation deals that allows travelers to have a great time in Dominican Republic. They also offer them a chance to visit the interesting places and popular attractions of the country. Making a trip to Dominican Republic during festive occasions like carnival would help them know more about the nation's culture. They can also indulge in some wonderful celebrations along with the local population during these times.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Montego Bay Now Has a Refurbished Cultural Centre

With some fantastic tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, elegant hotels, and a cruise line terminal, Montego Bay is one of those exotic places in the world where tourists like to spend their days of leisure. This city is set against the backdrop of picturesque mountains that delight every tourist visiting this part of the world. It is the second-largest Jamaican city that offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy duty-free shopping. Ongoing modernizations have greatly improved the infrastructure of this region, and would go a long way in making it the most favored travel destination in the Caribbean.

Atrractions in Montego Bay

The Montego Bay Civic Centre, which was undergoing some major renovations, was officially opened as Cultural Center recently in Sam Sharpe Square. With a contribution of 109 million dollars towards its refurbishment, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) took a major step towards fulfilling its mission to promote growth and ensure development of tourism in the city. People of Montego Bay as well as numerous tourists who make a trip to this region would now get a chance to explore this renovated Cultural Center. It is home to a museum, an art gallery, artisan village, bistro, gift shop, and a space for performing arts. With a variety of cost-effective packages provided by several travel companies, tourists can enjoy cheap vacations in Montego Bay and get to visit the newly renovated Cultural Centre.

Jamaica's largest airport called 'Sir Donald Sangster International Airport' is located in Montego Bay. Many of the European and North American airlines connect this island city with the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. Several cities of the United States and Canada can be reached within a very short time from this region. An excellent transport system of Montego Bay makes it truly convenient for tourists in reaching their desired destinations in the city without any hassles.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Houseboats: One of the Unique Aspects of Kerala Tourism

In the past few years, houseboats of Kerala have contributed immensely towards making the state one of the most preferred travel destinations. Today, most of the tourists arriving in this part of the world long for a houseboat cruise along the beautiful backwaters. Many travelers consider it as an experience, which they would like to cherish forever in their memories. Earlier, the houseboats, also known as 'Kettuvallams', were designed to carry large quantities of rice and a variety of spices. Over the years, they evolved as slow-moving, stylish, and spacious barges; having more than one rooms to accommodate travelers.

Kerla Boat House

Only the materials obtained from nature are used in their construction, to make them as eco-friendly as possible. Their roofing is done using sticks, bamboo mats and wood from the areca nut palm. Wooden planks and coir mats are used for flooring, while the beds are made using wood from coconut trees and coir. Solar panels are used as an energy source for lighting in most of them. In recent times, boat-trains formed by joining two or more houseboats can also be seen at some places in Kerala. Most of the kettuvallams are driven by oarsmen by using poles, while some are run by a 40 HP engine. The all inclusive vacation deals offered by some of the leading travel portals give tourists the opportunity to enjoy a tour of these exotic houseboats.

Couples can have a pleasant honeymoon in the kettuvallams, enjoying all the scenic views that surround the backwaters of Kerala. There are different varieties of kettuvallams available for the tourists, ranging from simple one-bedroom houseboats to the ones having three bedrooms. People booking a trip on these kettuvallams would also get to enjoy some of the mouth-watering local delicacies.  These dishes are prepared by experienced cooks, and are served fresh to the travelers on board.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tourists are in Love With English Attractions Lately

You may be in for a surprise after hearing the latest revelation by Visit England's Annual Attractions Survey. It has stated that there has been a five-percent increase in the number of visits to England's attractions in the year 2013. This is only expected to rise even further, considering the immense interest that tourists are showing for this part of United Kingdom in recent times. England shares its borders with Wales and Scotland, and includes many smaller islands like the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly. Among the well-known attractions of this region are the Devil's Arrows, Castlerigg, Stonehenge and Rudston Monolith.

Despite the challenging economic conditions prevailing in most parts of the world, England is contributing immensely to the economy of United Kingdom with its majestic offerings. Researchers are of the opinion that the beauty of this country and its interesting ancient structures have been highlighted through innovative digital marketing strategies, such as, the use of mobile apps. You can enjoy a cost-effective tour of the country with the help of the all inclusive vacation deals offered on travel packages of England. These packages are available on some of the leading travel portals. All these websites offer the best online booking facilities and also provide all the valuable information that you want to know about a particular region.

Results of Visit England's Annual Attractions Survey have further shown that the rise in revenues came from a strong digital presence of each of the country's attractions. Almost all of them have a website where you can information about their various aspects. The survey also provides a glimpse into a booming tourism in London, as it is the place that attracts most of the visitors. Among the other places in the country favored by many travelers are East Midlands and North East England.