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Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 4 Tourist Destinations in Thailand

People are attracted to Thailand because of the modernization it has undergone without losing its original charm in the recent years. Here are the famous four Tourist Destinations in Thailand which have gained a huge response from tourist across the globe.


Bangkok Attractions

When you reach Bangkok you will be amazed by its ultra modern looks. But it is also true that its traditions and culture is also visible through every glimpse of this city in Thailand. Visitors around the world come to Thailand to enjoy the hospitality of Bangkok every year. People in Bangkok are traditional and affectionate and you will come across both fast and serene environments in and around this city.

Chiang Mai:

Attractions in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a city loaded with cultural and natural wonders in Thailand, Chiang Mai is where your search ends. You will be amazed with its scenic beauty when you visit the rivers, mountains and waterfalls while touring this amazing city. If you love to visit tribal areas they are here too. You can actually witness folk life in the hilly regions of Chiang Mai. Adventure Enthusiasts will be happy with the opportunities it has to offer them in the mountainous regions. Chiang Mai is voted as one of the top destinations in Asia.


Attractions in Pattaya

Did you know that Pattaya is the most popular beach destination in Thailand and has also won a 'People Choice Award' for the favorite destinations in Asia. People traveling to Pattaya see hordes of travelers from Europe and Asia who come to enjoy the cool beaches over here. Located on the east coast of Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya has a lot to offer in terms of recreation and shopping opportunities.


Attraction in Phuket

It is the largest island of Thailand; full of bays and sandy beaches. View this island from a distance and you will know why it is called 'Bukit". In Malay 'Bukit' means 'a hill'. And Phuket is the name derived from this Malay word because it actually looks like one from a distance despite being an island. The coastline of Phuket is rich with natural flora and Fauna and is well guarded by its authorities.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Enjoy your best 3 Nights & 4 Days in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. The best way to witness and feel Dubai is through our travel package. The benefit of choosing Travel Universally tour packages is the loads of experience we have with these locations enabling us to provide the best services. Our package are inclusive of accommodation, breakfast & travel expenses together.

Dubai City tour
Dubai City

The benefit of traveling with us is that we have all the current updates regarding all the destinations which helps us to get you the best deals for Dubai. Additionally our choice of accommodation is based on our own market research & past experiences. People choose us for their vacation is because they feel safe with us despite of being on a foreign land.  You will be happy to be greeted and lead by our representative right from Day 1 from Dubai International Airport.

Burj Khalifa Tower
Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

TravelUniversally is a well organized Travel Company striving hard to give you the best services. Our Dubai Package of 3 Nights and 4 Days in Dubai offers you the best. Some of the highlights of our Dubai tour include Dubai City tour, Dhow Cruise with Dinner, Desert safari with BBQ and dances and most fascinating attraction of all the Burj Khalifa Tower.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Qatar Airlines Announces A350 XWB Aircrafts for Singapore

According to the Chief Executive of Qatar Airways, Mr. Akbar Al baker, this is the first airline to introduce next generation A350 XWB aircraft to Asia redefining the travel experience of passengers from Asia.

Qatar Airways has observed a fast growth in a short span of approx two decades of its operation. Today it flies a modern fleet of one hundred and forty six airplanes to equivalent number of corporate & tourist destinations across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North & South America.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways
Now as a part of its global expansion goals, considering the increasing demands of passengers, Qatar Airlines has announced an additional flight to Singapore from 1st of June, 2015 to its existing two flights on the same route. Its 3rd, 4th and 5th A350 XWB aircraft would be allocated by mid 2015 for its triple daily flights to Singapore targeting the huge chunk of business class passengers providing them a premium travel experience to and fro from Singapore, one of the world’s leading business hubs. With its first mover advantage, Qatar Airlines would establish itself as a World-Class Airline. Qatar Airline would be able to tap the ever-growing Business Class Markets.

To conclude the technological advancements in the aviation industry with respect to innovative product designs and improved intrinsic comfort levels would be the upcoming competitive strategy benefitting the travelers across the globe.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The US President Empowers American Travelers

The President of United States of America, Barack Obama's announcement on easing off the trade and travel restrictions with Cuba is welcomed across the nation. It has proved to be a milestone in the international trade history of US and Cuba in the past half century. The news has been received with great enthusiasm peculiarly by travel enthusiasts in United States as they won't have to rule out one of the nearest adorable tourist destinations simply due to the government restrictions. The public attention, this news has gathered, is apparent from the increasing searches for places to visit in Cuba over the Internet.

US Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel portals have already started sharing information about the accommodation facilities and transport options in Cuba, anticipating a lot of business soon. The huge media coverage will also help in growth in people visiting Cuba bringing two countries closer. Experts from the travel field have held this normalization of trade relations between the two countries in high regard as this decision would empower both countries together. Cuba already has three million visitors from across the globe every year. Now with these latest developments, it is expected to increase even more. This newly emerged market would be a boon for American travel and tourism Industry.

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Zealand Travel Industry Expecting a Big Season

It is observed from a statistical survey that New Zealand has experienced a great rise in its overseas tourist arrivals. The summers in New Zealand have turned out to be the best summers witnessed ever. Especially the hike in the number of Long Haul Visitors clearly projects it as one of the most sought after destinations in 2014. According to New Zealand Travel Expert, Paul Carberry (New Zealand in Depth, UK) this has been one of the most preferred long haul destinations for the British.

New Zealand Tourism
New Zealand Tourism
Another important reason why NZ can expect to see a big rise in tourist inflow is the bigger range of events such as the Cricket World Cup or The Hobbit Films which help in the promotion of the country. The tourism sector in New Zealand is developing rapidly to get more market share in the Global Tourism targeting top end travelers through new air routes and making arrangements for safer travel experience for adventure tourists in the country.

The statistical studies indicate an overall increase of 5% growth in international arrivals for the past year to 2.83 million. This growth may result into some capacity constraints to a certain extent but overall an outstanding season could be expected this year with reference to the growth trends recorded so far. TravelUniversally provides you with some great Last minute flight deals if you are planning for a New Zealand Trip.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Car Rental Market is Poised to Grow Significantly by 2019

According to the research published by Transparency Market Research, Car Rental Market which was recorded at US$37 billion in 2013 is expected to double its share around US$80 billion by the year 2019. The research studied both Global as well as US markets and analyzed all the parameters to forecast the growth after looking at current market trends.

Car Rental Services
Car Rental Services

The expected growth is indicated at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% in next five years. The major factors giving birth to this trend are the increasing number of visitors both at the local as well as international categories. The major chunk of this comes from developing countries like India and China traveling frequently.

Of course there are other drivers to this growth such as better infrastructure for road transports, increase in the disposable income allowing the increase in frequency of road travel. Growth in Gross Domestic Product is also causing this trend. The only hindrance is the constantly fluctuating prices of petroleum and sky-rocketing gasoline prices plus other cheaper means of public transport.

To conclude we can expect the car rental Services to come up with attractive offers for their customers. Existing players would also have to adapt themselves in order to keep pace with rapidly changing Car Rental Industry.