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Ireland: Amazing Places & Sights to See

Ireland located between Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea is the 3rd largest island in Europe.

About Ireland

A ring of coastal mountains and plains filled with lush vegetation make it a much sought after tourist destination. Travelers with an adventurous bent will find flexible self-driving Ireland tour packages to see the country. Those who prefer things to be arranged for them will find escorted bus tours to be a good option. Those who have a time constraint can use the well connected airline services to reach various destinations in Ireland.

Things to Know about Ireland

Ireland tourism is very popular for their theme based feature. On this basis, the various Ireland travel tour options available are Ryder Cup, for the golfing enthusiast; banqueting, breweries and distilleries; bus, train and coach tours; cycling and walking tours; and, literary, language, and painting tours. Golf vacation packages like the Ryder Cup vacations are a much sought after option. Reservations must be made ahead of season due to its popularity.

Castle in Ireland

Bunratty Castle medieval banquet, Dunguaire Castle medieval banquet, and the banquet at the Knappogue Castle are the choices available to those who wish to take a peek into the lavish hospitality of the days gone by. This kind of a travel tour is unique to Ireland.

Sights to See in Ireland

Tourist with a taste for good living might appreciate Ireland's brewing and distillery tours. Trips to destinations like the Guinness Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery turn out to be very informative and entertaining. A three or six day bus tour through the flat central plains of Ireland is a wonderful way to take in the breathtaking sights.

Ireland tour places

Ireland is a country that has a rich culture and heritage. The reflection of the tradition of the place can be perceived in the lifestyle of Irish people residing in different Ireland cities.

1. Dublin

is an eminent Irish city. It is regarded as the heart of Ireland for more than a few reasons. Dublin is a mirror to the Irish history. It has the many historical monuments that have preserved the priceless Georgian art and architecture. The Custom House, the Gate Theater and the Garden of Remembrance parade much of Georgian architecture. There are also many worth visiting modern art galleries and museums that add to the creative ambience of the place. Apart from this the nightlife of Dublin has always entertained its tourists to best and fullest.

2. The Irish Midlands

are known by way of bifurcation into various provinces or counties. These counties are individually famous for some or the other attraction. For instance County Cavan has got recognition due to the River Shanon that flows towards its south, the Killygeen forests and the fascinating activities like fishing, horseback riding and hiking etc. in there. While the County Offaly is popular for its superb science center and ravishing plant and animal life.

3. Moving on to the Northern Ireland region

, what is most welcoming here is the capital city of Belfast. Belfast is seen terms of its directions i.e. north, east, west and south Belfast. All the areas have respective allures. If south Belfast has beautiful Belfast gardens and the famous Ulster Museum, the north Belfast has amazing Neolithic caves in the Cave Hill Country Park and the Belfast zoo. Besides Belfast, there are several other counties of Northern Ireland region that have always gained tourist attention.

4. South Ireland

area is again a combination of different counties. County Mayo here is a land of lakes and cliffs. This county has some remarkable historical sites that are often a source of information. The County Clarke of this region has multiple lures. There is fishing, boating, mind-boggling stalagmites and stalactites in the caves of cliff of Moher, dance, music and theater. The Bunratty Folk Park adds to the amusement sources of this place.

The legends of Leprachauns and other fairy types come from Ireland. It is a land bathed in mystery - as well as poignant history. The gorgeous sights and friendly people of Ireland attract tourists from around the world. But the other thing that attracts the tourists to Ireland is its attractive travel deals. Ireland travel deals cover all the things you can long for in a vacation, which makes them irresistible. So don’t hesitate to pack your bags and avail yourself of the best deals right away.

Ireland travel packages
To capture the magical beauty of Ireland, you can take advantage of travel packages with which you can experience the tremendous beauty of Ireland.
You can take advantage of all kinds of discounts when you buy the airfare, room and board, dining, activities, and other travel excursions all at the same time. Many people do this year round, but especially in the summer, when the weather is fine. The opulence of Ireland is magnificent. It is easy to see why this country has been an inspiration for music, art, literature, theater and poetry for centuries.

The packages are varied in features. There is walking and biking tours, river cruises or self-guided walking tours or tours taken in rental cars. Walking and biking tours give you a close-up view of Ireland, and meandering through its narrow village streets helps you in understanding the local culture and region, and allows you to meet new people. One can opt for a seven day package that will include destinations like Dublin, Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, Galway, Derry, and Belfast. A North Coast tour takes one through the National Botanical Gardens, the Casino at Marino, and the stately Malahide Castle.