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Enjoy Natural Scenic Views with European Vacations

Europe packages and in general all vacations to Europe offer you the opportunity to see some of the most popular destinations in the world. See the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Rhine or Danube. Marvel at a castle in the Irish countryside or refresh with a pint or 2 at a pub in Dublin. Savor the romance in a stroll along the ancient streets of cosmopolitan cities like Prague, Vienna or Budapest or a gondola ride on the canals of Venice.

Think Vacation, Think Russia:

Make the best use of your holidays by touring Modern Russia with its fresh approach towards its goals leaving behind the old ideology and living styles. Today’s Russia is a renewed celebration of the wealth of its past and its potential for the future. Emerging out Russia today is a nation of enormous diversity and tremendous vitality. It is as if the cultural traditions of a century ago have re-awakened with a new found strength, ancient cathedrals are being rebuilt and restored, colorful markets hum with activity once again and literature and the arts are quickly regaining the creative renown they enjoyed decades ago.

Attractions in Russia:

A new Russia is now in full bloom. For most westerners, Russia is associated with its European cities Moscow, St. Petersburg and Murmansk. This is the heartland of Imperial Russia, and these great and ancient cities often become the focus for most tourists. However there is much more to Russia, a country that spans eleven time zones and two continents. Within this vast expanse lie the largest freshwater lake in the world, rivers and forests teeming with fish and wildlife, awe inspiring volcanoes, and towering mountains. Russia is the largest country on earth, with enormous tracts of land that have been opened to travelers only in the last few years.

Sights to See in Russia:

The marvels of Russia are diverse landscapes of icy tundra and sun-kissed beaches, dense silver birch and fir forests and deep and mysterious lakes, snow-capped mountains and swaying grasslands. Factor in ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly churches and lost-in-time wooden villages and you’ll begin to see why Russia is simply amazing. Many spectacular sights in Russia throughout the country, both natural and man-made. Highlights include the volcanoes of Kamchatka, the magnificent palaces of St. Petersburg, scenic trips onboard the trans-Siberian train, white-water rafting high up in the Altai Mountains, an even mountaineering on the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus.