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Top Places to Visit in USA Before You Die

Planning a vacation of America this season and trying to churn out the best options from the many available options but not able to decide and conclude, we can provide you suitable solutions. Tours and Travels is our group’s i.e. Futures Travel, Inc, foremost activity.

We are having solutions for International tours operated centrally from USA. We are tour planner internationally and provides information about best package deal for holiday lovers. Get more information about top places to visit on USA vacations from

For sake of convenience, The American vacations are bifurcated into North and South America vacations. Both North and South American vacations are having excellent list of destinations and luxury hotels to choose from, enhancing the essence of your vacations. Las Vegas is a city preserving its historic memories in its several museums. Las Vegas is well known mostly for its hotels and Casinos. The gaming industry which was in full swing in the early days helped mushrooming of many Casinos and hotels in this region. The trend is still continued and Las Vegas still remains on the top in this respect. Around dozen parks in Las Vegas a few parks are having recreational and educational facilities.

Among the best hotels we can recommend you New York – New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It’s a deluxe hotel having all the modern day amenities with the finest dining and entertainment facilities along with cocktail lounges and bars. Enjoy from the many activities like Pool, Fitness center, Health Spa, three outdoor such as sauna, Golf and Shopping. Visit the encouraging exhibition of human sensuality, get mesmerized at Rok Vegas the radiating nightclub with dazzling night life.

Enjoy Every Fun at Coney Island Arcade;
The topmost amazing attraction is the Casino Gaming spread on a huge 84,000 square feet casino with eighty gaming tables and two thousand slot machines set in a Central Park theme. Avail our attractive tour package of three nights at New York – New York Hotel & Casino with Air + Hotel starting from just 486 $. You can also take the Las Vegas evening city tour only at 61 $ per person departing from Atlanta for Las Vegas.