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Christmas is Approaching, Know Top 10 Places to Enjoy, Celebrate Christmas Eve

Christmas is a festival when life in Europe gets highly activated. It’s a festival when the Americas daily routine life takes a U turn and is immersed in the mood of celebrations. Celebrated world wide with great enthusiasm Christmas is approaching, so let us visualize Top 10 places to enjoy, celebrate Christmas Eve.

Nothing else can be better than visiting Bethlehem in west bank the birthplace of Jesus’ and the origin of Christianity. It will be a great thing to be present at St Catherine’s Church for the midnight mass service. The Manger Square and the old city are splashing with energy.

  1. Goa in India is the best place to visit during Christmas celebrations. There is non stop partying during Christmas time in Goa. The beaches and main city hubs are floating with people dancing the whole night with their family and loved ones.
  2. The Caribbean islands are a great place to enjoy Christmas. You can visit San Juan, Puerto Rico to make the best Christmas celebrations with variety of enjoyments, The place is flooded with Christmas celebrations from early December.
  3. At Niagara Falls Christmas can be enjoyed with winter festival of lights held in November. The lighting and displays are explicitly spectacular. Every year some new attractions are added to the already entertaining festival.
  4. New York City in the USA is popular place to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the most special Christmas dinner. This can be accompanied with lots of shopping, live ballet performances and events. It is having world’s tallest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center.
  5. The fun of celebrating Christmas among snow studded mountains, cobbled streets and the world famous Swiss chocolates can be experienced at Zurich Switzerland. The major attractions being, the Christmas markets and Christmas themed city strolls.
  6. For celebrating Christmas along with Santa Claus you will have to visit Santa Claus Village in the Lapland region of Finland supposed to be the home of Santa Claus. The village is an amusement park for children and family.
  7. If you are religious celebrate Christmas in the heart of Catholic mainstream, attend the midnight mass in the Vatican City Italy. The everlasting city having the top authority the pope of Vatican is on a peak of its celebrations during Christmas.
  8. If buying gifts is on priority of your Christmas celebrations then you can visit the exclusive Christmas Market in Nuremberg Germany having hundred and eighty shops selling Christmas items like trinkets, candles, sweets and wine.
  9. Thinking of celebrating Christmas for the pleasure of kids then Christmas at Walt Disney world will be a great idea. You can get the dual fun of enjoying the wonders of Disney theme parks and celebrating Christmas witnessing event of Mickey’s Christmas party.
You can easily decide from the above top ten places to celebrate Christmas and hope you will celebrate the coming Christmas with happiness like never before.