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Celebrate your New Year in Ethnic Style in Japan

Japan Holiday with Travel UniversallyWhen we say Japan we remember Buddha, the Buddhist monks, the world famous Buddhist temples with fascinating shapes and last but not the least the disciplined Japanese people. Japan the land of Buddha is an island nation in East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is an isle of innumerable smaller islands. The comparatively bigger islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. So even if the idea of celebrating and enjoying New Year on a tour of Japan seems to be strange, try it and surely you will enjoy your New Year away from home on a tour of Japan.

Japan is connected with all major world destinations by the leading Airlines of the world, and its own leading airlines like All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL). Narita Airport in Tokyo is on the top of the list of international airports followed by Kansai airport in Osaka, and Central Japan Airport at Nagoya. The fourth largest airport Fukuoka airport connects the city with many of the Asian destinations. The domestic air travel is supported by the domestic airports available in the major cities.

Japanese people love celebrations and festivals like Christmas and New Years Eve. Even though the population is having less percentage of Christians, still the majority of the population being tolerant towards all faiths Christmas and New Years Eve is celebrated with a pomp and enthusiasm. On your Japan tour to celebrate Christmas, you will notice that Christmas in Japan is bit different from the Christmas celebrated in other countries. Like most other non Christian countries December 25th is not a official holiday. Even though a special New Year Eve dinner is not prepared in most of the houses, still the ready made food including chicken has gained a place in the Japanese New Year dinner. In Japan the priest similar to Santa Claus is the Hotel osho who is described as a kind old man having eyes in the back of his head carrying a pack of gifts.

Popularized by the Japanese media that New Year is the time for romantic miracles, it is presumed to be time to be spent with one’s boy or girl friend in a romantic mood. The impact of this being the hotels and restaurants in Japan, are booked to the full capacity by such romantic couples. And slowly it has become a trend to invite a girl, for celebrating Christmas together in a romantic mood. New Year cards are exchanged between close friends. New Year gifts are exchanged between friends and relatives including soft toys, scarves, rings and other jewelry. Many hotels host dinner shows presenting major celebrities and singers, actors etc. Bonenkai are the parties arranged in Japan to say good bye to the passing year and welcoming the New Year.

Having all this fun and frolic you can celebrate a New Year away from home, on a tour of Japan enjoying New Year the Japanese way.

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