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Special Things you can do to Celebrate your Christmas Eve

Even though Christmas is celebrated with a pomp and vigor everywhere in the world there are a few special things to be done on Christmas Eve which will make your Christmas very special.

A day before Christmas is called as Christmas Eve. The celebration of Christmas begins on the evening of December 24. This day keeps more importance than the Christmas day itself. The Christmas celebrations start from the evening of 24th December, since according to beliefs Jesus was born in the midnight. On this day, the Christmas-tree is brought in the house and the Yule log or a large log is traditionally burned in the fireplace in many countries. The Christmas trees are also prepared with joy by children using material like straw, colored egg shells, apples, fir, nuts and paper cuttings. The very special and unique Christmas meal is prepared on this day. This day is also the important day for family reunions. And attending the midnight mass is very much important religious tradition.

You can make your Christmas Eve special by helping the needy and the deserved. Come out of your own world and do something for the needy on this auspicious day. Like we make gift parcels for our near and dear ones, some parcels with necessities to celebrate Christmas can be distributed to the really needy persons in and around your location.

In the Christmas cards along with wishing merry Christmas, you can insert the thoughts of some great people and information of the personality. Also you can write a good message for humanity. This will make the Christmas cards really special. While buying the Christmas cards buy the cards whose nominal amount is directly going to the organizations looking after the welfare of the children. Along with buying or making the Christmas tree in your house you can spread message of saving our planet from the disasters of deforestation and the need for restoring forests and planting more new trees.

Like you decorate your house, decorate your garden during Christmas Eve. This is one of the special things you can do on Christmas Eve. Decorate the garden and make it look lively. You can use different types and designs of garden lights like lantern lights, rope lights and traditional lanterns. You can also decorate the garden with bulbs of different colors and shapes. Spread the light and color of different bulbs in your garden. Hang glitter balls and ribbons to decorate the garden and create perfect mood. Spread the decorations till the door entrance for best results. Cover the flowers and trees with lights and enhance the festive mood.