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Tips on how to Make Christmas Special for your Tourists

Christmas SpecialComing Christmas make the Christmas of your Tourist special by introducing them to Bethlehem and Jerusalem the holiest places of Christianity and celebrating Christmas in a atmosphere they will never forget.

Celebrating Christmas and Christmas Eve in Bethlehem the town in which Jesus Christ was born and from where Christianity spread throughout the world surely will be a great experience for the tourists, There Christmas in Bethlehem will be special in all respects and they can participate the grand festival celebrations. The Christmas here is not restricted to 25th only but it lasts for a longer period. Many pilgrims from Jerusalem churches are sent to Bethlehem. You can observe different sects of Christianity with their own beliefs and ways of celebrating Christmas. You can witness the many celebrations of the birth of Jesus in the form of religious possessions and services at the Basilica of the Nativity. It is a great scene to watch a cross painted on the doors of every Christian house and nativity scenes presented in every home.

Excursions’ to the Shepherds fields and the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem is a great experience. Watching personally the huge Christmas processions’ passing through the Manger square is the only experience of its kind. So also the annual Christmas processions with galloping horsemen, followed by a man riding a black steed and carrying a cross. Then it leads to the site of the birth of Jesus.

Take the tourists to holy land of Jerusalem just ten km from Bethlehem for celebrating the holiest and happiest day in the Christian calendar. The visitors can buy many Christmas souvenirs’ from the many gift shops in Jerusalem selling various religious art and gift items during Christmas in Jerusalem. The Church bells ring out loudly both in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The city of Jerusalem is filled with joy and festive mood during Christmas.

Introduce them to modern day Bethlehem so that they will get introduced to the present day characters who are carrying forward the traditional essence of the stories described in the Holy book. Let them see the spot where Jesus was born having a 1700 year old Nativity Church and a huge tree covered with lights. The highlights of modern day Bethlehem is the group of people having familiar names doing similar jobs as described in the Bible. Joseph Lulos or Joseph the carpenter is carving out beautiful shapes especially for Christmas. He presents the complete Christmas group including baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the shepherds with their sheep’s, the cow etc. The tourists are buying the nativity sets even though they are costly. Present day innkeeper Joseph Canawati describes Bethlehem as the best place in the Middle East, only a few minutes walk from Jerusalem. Present day Shepherd Mohammed Salem describes the bygone days of Bethlehem and how they thrived on the available resources. Hope you will appreciate this idea of making Christmas of your tourists special.

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