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Christmas Eve Special: Top 10 Romantic Places to Enjoy

Christmas has not remained only a festival, along with Christmas Eve it has been transformed into a world wide mass celebration having many places to celebrate Christmas worldwide. Among them following are the most favored Top 10 romantic places to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

Rovaniemi, Finland
Celebrating Christmas Eve in Rovaniemi, Finland can be a unique and memorable experience. Here you can expect Christmas celebrations in its original form with heaps of snow, reindeers walking past, cheering Christmas carols, combined with the real charm of the region the awe inspiring Aurora Borealis to lit your way naturally to the manger.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas stands on the top of the list with mesmerizing Christmas attractions to its list. It is basically attractive with many casinos, bars, restaurants, buffets, special Christmas markets etc. With other identical surprises like watching the Bellagio fountains dancing on rhythm, Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

Already a romantic city in France becomes more glamorous with the illumination of innumerable lights and decorations, Christmas markets, open air ice skating, Christmas Eve service at Notre Dame Cathedral and best Christmas celebrations and fun at Paris Disneyland

New Zealand
Due to its typical location on the southern hemisphere, it is observing Christmas in summer instead of winter unlike other countries. So you can celebrate Christmas in New Zealand in warm summer. The surroundings are pleasant with blooming flowers. Strangely Pohutukawa tree with red flowers is considered as New Zealand’s Christmas tree.

If you are religious minded person then celebrate Christmas in a traditional way in Rome, and get the blessings of the Pope in Saint Peters Square. Taste the traditional Christmas Eve meal in Rome with around twenty fish dishes. Visit the historic places in Rome like Colosseum, Basilica and Vatican Museums,

New York, USA
Imagine the Christmas spirit in New York which is having the all time reputation as a city that never sleeps. New York is romantic throughout the year but stands out special on Christmas Eve. A few Christmas Eve highlights are incredible decorations on Sixth Avenue, The giant Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Cologne, Germany

Catch the magical glimpses of Christmas in the Cologne streets flooded with lights, puppet theaters and the overflowing enthusiasm of Christmas in the historic Christmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt. Cultural fantasies, huge stocks of Christmas food stuffs, the flavor of mulled wine together puts energy in the Christmas Eve celebrations at Cologne.

Prague, Czech Republic

The central attraction of your Christmas Eve in Prague can be the Central Square or Staroměstské náměstí turning into a fluttering stage for wooden toys, hand-made puppets, children dancing in traditional costumes and the markets full of energy. It can be shot of Becherovka traditional spicy liquor with the taste of Trdelník or cinnamon sugar pastry which will add to your Christmas mood.

Quebec City, Canada
Christmas in Quebec City, Canada can be really different with more weight given to traditional home cooking and lots of merrymaking. You can catch the top Christmas mood with unbelievably beautiful narrow streets lined with sparkling firs, snow dusted buildings, accompanied by music and live street theater shows taking you back to the old day memories.

Vienna, Austria
Celebrating Christmas Eve in this part of Europe can combine grace with cozy warmth, There are many reasons to celebrate the Christmas Eve in Vienna with the splendid Schönbrunn Palace, lavish City Hall building and numerous classical concerts to give your celebrations a fine touch. Vienna is having the reputation for one of the best Christmas markets in Europe,

We have made you familiar with the treasure of “Top 10 romantic places to enjoy on Christmas Eve”. From the list you can easily decide which romantic place will be matching your plans of enjoying coming Christmas Eve.