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What to expect on Caribbean vacations

Normally whenever we are going to visit a new tourist destination, we are having some expectations from the destination in our mind. Since Caribbean is a most popular beach destination relatively the expectation from the destination are more. We will provide you some guidelines on what to expect on Caribbean vacations.

Regarding any vacation the prime factor to be considered is weather at the destination. On the Caribbean’s a uniform weather can be expected throughout the year. In the summer season you can expect a temperature of about 28'C. While in the winter months average weather is pleasant with temperature around 40'C. Even then you can expect a little fluctuation from island to island. Approximately 8-10 hurricanes or storms in a year are expected in the Caribbean islands.

Regarding accommodations on Caribbean’s don’t expect the traditional way of classifying the hotels based on the number of stars. At Caribbean’s the accommodations are classified on the basis of cost of room from inexpensive to moderate to expensive to very expensive or luxury. In the hotels at Caribbean’s you can expect availability of four types of meal packages, the European plan, the American plan, the modified American plan and the continental plan. In the Caribbean cuisine more sea food can be expected.

You can expect a vibrant nightlife at the Caribbean’s with dance clubs, bars, pubs, lounges, & a variety of discos. Many of the islands have casinos providing opportunity for gaming. A totally unique nightlife is expected here because Caribbean countries love music. And in the nightlife on the Caribbean’s you can enjoy popular international as well as local music forms and styles along with the other fun loving activities. In some of the islands night life is endorsed with shows of the fire eaters and stilt walkers or even a magic show. You can go for stargazing at an observatory, watch American movies at the drive-in-theatre, and enjoy bowling alleys.

Even though Caribbean’s is a beach and island destination the shopping crazy vacationers can expect a good deal of shopping at Caribbean’s, because many of the islands are well known for their duty free shopping or even tax free shopping. That is the reason the Caribbean Vacations was considered a shopping Mecca popularizing it as the hot spot for the bargains on imported luxury goods. It is ranging from designer fashions, jewelry, cigars and liquors. There is a good scope for buying locally hand crafted items as well as branded imported goods at the local markets. Each island will provide a different shopping experience. You can expect bargaining at open air markets or street vendors, but not at the established shops on the Caribbean’s.

Regarding transportation at the Caribbean’s you can expect official Taxis, minibuses, rented car, the islands public transport systems, or the ferryboats as the safe mode of transportation. If you are interested in mingling with the locals then public transport systems are the best. You can expect the public transport systems as the safe mode especially during the day time only.