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Know the Attractive places to see during Asia Holidays in Winter Season

Asia is stretching from north of the Arctic Circle to the south of the equator, spread on a vast area of around 5,000 miles. This vast stretch is having different types of climates varying from coolest to the tropical hot climate. Even though summer and spring are the favorite seasons to travel still we will have a look at the best places to visit in Asia during Winter Season. A few of the top winter attractions to see in Asia can be listed as follows.

No doubt winter in Tibet is chilling, but for those who like to accept challenges winter can be the best season for visiting Tibet. During winter Tibet free from the groups of tourists displays its unique local culture. It is the time of the year when you can enjoy the legendary train journey from Beijing or Shanghai which is exposing Tibet as the winter wonderland where sunshine provides a glow to the Tibetan snow fields. The most exciting attractions of Tibet in winter are its festivals. Some of the exciting Tibetan festivals in winter are Tibetan new year (Losar Festival), Randeng Festival (Lamp Lighting Festival), Suyou Huadenghui (Ghee Lamp Festival) and Xiannv Festival (fairy festival).

Bali Island

Bali Island located between Java and Lombok in Indonesia is a enticing and a unique Asian destination throughout the year. It is famous for its exquisite blue waters, wide spread networks of coral reefs, white shores and black sand beaches. It’s a lovely destination for honeymooners and couples. Bali is a land of temples and festivals. If you visit Bali during winter you can enjoy the pleasure of experiencing chilly winter night over the silent dark blue sea. The bleak breeze over the sea will enhance your senses for enjoying the chill.

Rajasthan, India
Rajasthan in India is the destination which has witnessed a great past and rise and fall of many empires leaving behind the memories of the great warriors, their bold wives and much more. A northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent bordering Pakistan and Punjab it is a desert stretch, still showcasing a colorful, cheering life style of the locals. Winter is the best season to visit Rajasthan since all the major fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are celebrated around this time. It is a well known fact that the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are the focus point while travelling to Rajasthan.

Malaysia known as the true taste of Asia is also the best destination to travel during winter season. It’s a land of beaches adorned with scenic natural beauty. Explore the jungle and beaches of Penang and Melaka, Later in the winter, many of the more beautiful white sand beaches on the east coast are opened up for the tourists. For tourists who prefer experiencing local flavor with an opportunity to relax in its serene waters, Tangung Rhu, in Malaysia provides ancient caves, waterways and mangroves.

Go ahead select your next Asian winter destination from one of the places to Visit in Asia during Winter Season and experience the thrill of visiting these Winter Attractions to see in Asia.