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Kite flying during Uttarayan, is the best Idea to Celebrate with Family & Friends

Makar Sankranti marks the end of the winter and starting of a new period as the sun enters the northern hemisphere, this period of transformation is called as Uttrarayan. It is symbolized as the harvest festival when the surroundings are filled with happiness and joy. Makar Sankranti is known with different names in different states but the basic reason for celebrating is the same. Uttarayan is celebrated by flying kites on a particular day.

The best way to celebrate your joy and happiness is to share it with your family and friends. Kite flying is associated with Uttarayan, since the time of the Rajas and Maharajas in the different kingdoms of the region. There are different ways of celebrating kite flying with your family and friends. You can enjoy the kite flying along with your own family members near your house or if you are staying in the cities, where normally open space is not available then you can use the terrace of your building. The kite flying during Uttarayan is limited to certain states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal. In cities like Mumbai kite flying is popular only in some areas dominated by people from Gujarat. If you are having a friend or a relative in these Gujarati dominated areas you can visit them with your family and celebrate the festival along with the fun of kite flying. This can achieve the intention of celebrating the festival with your near and dear ones. The fun in such areas is that along with the kite flying many other social activities and entertainment in the form of games is arranged. Sweets and eatables are distributed. So in short it is a total family fun at such places.

If you are staying in the metro cities and you are not having a suitable place for kite flying the best idea is to go to the nearest sea shore with your kite flying kit. Seashore is the identical place for kite flying as there is plenty of open space and the free flowing wind encourages even the just learned kite flier. This will provide the joy of visiting a beach combined with the enjoyment of Kite flying. The art of kite flying can be taught to the members of your family who are not aware of it. It gives pure enjoyment when you fly a kite for the first time. And the fun is doubled when you learn to control the kite in the air. Be ready for kite flying to celebrate the coming Uttrarayan on 14th January, with your family and friends.

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