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Top 5 Worth Attending Kite Flying Festivals in the World

Kite flying festivals an entertainment pack for all age groups, are hosted in many regions of the world. These festivals bring closer families as well as communities. The kite flying in these festivals can be looked upon as the pure form of entertainment for families and friends. You can either be a spectator in these festivals or you can participate actively with your skill of kite flying. Among the many kite flying festivals held worldwide the top 5 kite festivals can be summarized as follows.

Berkeley kite festival:
Enthusiastic admirers, hobbyists and fun loving families all gather for a period of one week with a spirit of kite flying, at the Berkeley kite festival held in July. During this one week festival the skies of Berkeley Marina, Cesar E and Chavez Park are patched up with fascinating colors of the kites. You will get mesmerized by the variety of the kites displayed like stunt kites, old fashioned kites and giant kites of unbelievable sizes. A lot of creativity is applied behind the making of the kites at this festival. Some kites are with multi strings which taste the skills of the kite flyer.

International Kite festival in Gujarat, India
International kite festival is held at Ahmadabad in Gujarat during Uttarayan on 14th of January every year. The kite flying festivals of Gujarat are tremendously popular and a declared holiday in the state. Expert kite flyers from the major cities of India, as well as international kite flyers from many other countries gather at the International kite festival. Kite flying continues throughout the day. More fun is enjoyed by family and friends by cutting each others kites and cheering madly, when they cut the kites of the other kite flyers.

Chinese kite festivals:
Chinese kite festivals show an official touch to the event with large and elaborate events, displaying incredible craftsmanship and art of Chinese kites. International kite festival is held at Weifang in Shandong from 20th to 25th April every year. During this festival the city is ultimately decorated. Beijing international Kite festival is opened up with a proper opening ceremony comprising of music, dance and kite displays. Men Tou Gou is the venue of the Beijing kite festival.

Washington State International Kite Festival:
The most attractive kite flying event in North America is the International Kite Festival of Washington, held yearly at Long Beach Peninsula on the 3rd week of August. Long Beach is the perfect location for the festival which is hosting a fighter kite competition. Massive crowd of all age groups come and enjoy the joy and fun of the kite flying festival, watching the sky full of innumerable kites of amazing colors and shapes.

Jakarta International Kite Festival:
Jakarta International Kite Festival is held for two days at National Monument in Layang Layang, in the month of July. The festival is made attractive by including traditional and creative kite contests, along with the kite exhibition presenting two and three dimension kites. A presentation of how to make good kites is also given by the professional kite lovers. The Jakarta International Kite Festival is one of the oldest, popular festivals of Indonesia.

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