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Top Kite Flying Tourist Places to Visit

A traveler or a tourist is always in search of something new, either adventurous or entertaining. And tourism is revolving around such attractions of tourist interest located anywhere in the world. One of such top attractions for the tourists is the Kite flying festivals arranged at worldwide locations.

The kite flying we are talking about is not a limited concept, but it is a massive arrangement, attracting international travelers to the kite festivals. We will get introduced to some of the major venues and their uniqueness in arranging the kite festivals.

China considered as the origin of kite flying hosts giant kite flying events at Weifang, Beijing and Tianjin. At some of the venues the festivals start with a proper opening ceremony. The Weifang international kite festival held at Weifang, Shandong from 20th to 25th April attracts large number of kite lovers, local as well as international kite experts. The city during this festival is decorated with lanterns and streamers. The Beijing annual kite festival in April having a brilliant opening ceremony with dragon dances, music and kite displays, attracts kite-flying teams from different world locations. The kite festival is hosted at Chao Yang Park in Beijing, having kites of various colors, shapes and sizes at the festival. The Tianjin international kite festival in north east China is held in early April or late September.

Kite flying festival is the most popular festival of Gujarat in India also celebrated in other parts of the country like Delhi, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh. The international kite festival arranged during Uttarayana or Makar Sankranti is held normally on 14th January every year in the lively city of Ahmadabad. Jaipur also organizes international kite festival during this period. Kite festivals are also arranged on Basant Panchami in West Bengal.

The most unique tourist destination Bali in Indonesia, hosts the Bali kite festival an international kite festival held in July every year. This festival is held at the Sanur beach in Padang Galak area. Bali is one of the many islands, which together form the Republic of Indonesia. It is the most beautiful as well as popular islands of Indonesia. During the kite festival traditional giant kites with beautiful shapes of fish, bird and leaf are displayed. The kite flying at Bali is normally a team work. The traditional colors red, white and black are used for the kites. A competition consisting of display of new kite creations is also held during the festival.

Long Beach Peninsula hosts the Washington State International Kite Festival which is lasting for a week in the third week of August. The skies are occupied massively by the high flying kites having a mosaic of colors. Thousands of spectators witness this event and many take part in the fun of kite flying. It is said in general that Washington State vacation is incomplete without a visit to the Washington State International Kite Festival organized at Long Beach Peninsula. Select a destination from one of the above to witness the international kite flying festivals.

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