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Uttarayan: Where Kites Flies High in the Sky During Kite Flying Festival of India

Looking at the colorful skies with innumerable kites flying on Makar Sankranti, a thought always comes to my mind, how boring our lives could have been without these festivals. Festivals of India are the one making our lives colorful. The kite flying festival normally coming in the month of January, is an opportunity to the kite lovers to prove there skills of kite flying as well as the skills of cutting the kite of the others. The festivals are the occasions when everybody enjoys the moments in our lives, keeping aside all our routine stresses and worries. Everyone rich, poor, youngsters and seniors enjoy these moments in their own way.

Kite flying festival is the most popular festival of Gujarat, also celebrated in other parts of the country like Delhi, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh. The international kite festival arranged during Uttarayana or Makar Sankranti is held in the lively city of Ahmadabad. Jaipur also organizes international kite festival during this period. Kite festivals are also arranged on Basant Panchami. Uttarayana actually is the six months period between Makar Sankranti and Karka Sankranti. Kite flying is enjoyable and cutting opponents kite is the thrilling part. Flying a kite gives immense joy and pleasure to everyone. Kite flying previously enjoyed in big open grounds, nowadays is enjoyed from the roof tops as open grounds have become scarce in cities and towns. In Gujarat kite flying is arranged in huge stadiums on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Even the business houses take a break from work during this festival. Kite flying gives immense pleasure to the new kite fliers, who have recently learned how to fly a kite. In
the beginning days the newly trained kite fliers add a tail to the kite for stabilizing the kites. The kites with dancing tails move romantically in the sky.

The interesting part of Uttrayana or the kite festival is that it is not confined to the religious boundaries. Even being a Hindu festival, it is enjoyed by people of all faiths in Gujarat. This can be considered as the best example of communal harmony. Makar sankranti or the kite festival marks the end of winter. It is believed that the door of heaven is opened after a long time of six months, so people visit the temples to offer prayers. Many international tourists visit Rajasthan during this period and witness the joy of the Kite festival.

This festival attracts experts and lovers of kite flying from many countries. They bring along with them the kites with different shapes popular in their countries. Small as well as huge designer kites forms the part of kite exhibitions. And this variety of kites attracts local as well as international crowds.

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