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Top Mysterious places on Planet Earth

From the different types of experiences about the places on the planet earth and the unveiled secrets correlated with these places, we are compelled to believe that earth itself is a great mystery. It is generally observed that we are always interested in unraveling the mysteries around us. So if you are planning of visiting some distinguished places other than the routine travel destinations, then you can select one of the mysterious places to visit from the following during your next vacations.

Bermuda Triangle

The most discussed mysterious place since last many years which is standing on the top of the list of mysterious places. Because of its mysterious nature it is also popular as Devils Triangle. The Bermuda triangle is the region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami FL and San Juan. The triangle is the place where planes and ships have disappeared, without keeping a trace of their existence or the reason why they disappeared. The top tourist attractions of Bermuda are the Islands, Beaches, aquariums, forts, caves, lighthouses, parks, museums, churches and much more.

Pyramids of Egypt
The great pyramids of Egypt still remain as one of the mysterious things of the world. They were built as tombs for the dead kings and queens and in that age it was the exclusive privilege to have pyramid tomb. It is still remaining to be a mysterious part about how the pyramids would have been built, with zero mathematical errors as the pyramids need a correct ratio of height and side to get all equal sides. They have been built by the huge lime stones each weighing about 10 tones.

Kanas Lake

It is the most beautiful mountain lake which is the latest lake open to all tourists in China and has gained a reputation as the pearl of tourism. The lake is taking different colors like crystal blue, sometimes dark green or even gray and sometimes with many colors changing alternatively following the four seasons of the year. Thus Kanas Lake is recognized as the color-changing lake with beautiful sceneries.


Tiahuanacu located in Bolivia which is also called Tiwanaku is estimated to be around 17,000 years old, is a mystery because of its age and the typical stone technology. Today it is assumed that Tiahuanaco was a major sacred ceremonial centre and focal point of a culture that spread across much of the region. The ancient people built a stone pyramid known as the Akapana.

The Easter Island Moai

Moai is one of the most unique series of monuments in the Pacific islands. A group of huge statues of human figures are found on the small, isolated island of Rapa Nui or Easter Island. The Moai were carved from tuff, a volcanic rock that is easily available on the island, and they all feature the same characteristics of an oversized head, broad nose, and a mysterious, indecipherable facial expression. The largest of the statues is thirty feet tall and weighs over seventy tons. How the figures weighing several tones were erected and transported still remains a mystery.

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