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Top 10 Dangerous Places you should not visit

The top most among the ten places is Kandahar in Afghanistan the most tragic city in the world. It came into focus because of its strategic location between East and West. The recent occupations by the superpowers and wars had made the country totally unsafe. What remains is only a lawless city with many unlawful people and organizations choosing this place as a safe heaven. Kidnappings, suicide bombings and other criminal activities have soared to the peak.

Mogadishu in Somalia since last many decades is in the news about having crisis and unrest. In the present days it is considered as the most dangerous and lawless city facing major food and refugee crisis. Civil war is continuing since many decades and the government has limited control over a few parts of the city. Machine guns are commonly used by the crowds stamping total lawlessness.

Cite Soleil in Haiti, is the worst place on the planet with unbelievable truths and zero hopes of improvement. It is supposed to be one of the largest slums in the northern hemisphere. Worst pictures of third world poverty without basic facilities like sewers, electricity and healthcare facilities is a common scene in this place. Ciudad Juarez in Mexico has become a hail with drug trafficking, government helplessness and continuing violence in spite of US army intervention. The drug cartels equipped with mountains of money, arms, ammunition and blessed by some of the politicians have converted this place into a hail. West Point Monrovia in Liberia is one of Africa's most notorious and crowded slums. Long term problems like scarce medical facilities, recurrence of epidemics, wide spread drug use, teenage prostitution are some of the criteria’s making this place a worst place of the west.

Sana’a in Yemen is a dangerous place near Gulf of Aden, the heaven of sea pirates. It is the place with unlawful child brides and a training center of Al Qaeda. Weapons are commonly used and the place is facing political unrest from many years. Rocinha favela, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a hostile place. It has a record of one of the highest murders in the world. This is the worst slum with drug cartels and many other unlawful things stationed in it with a poor government control. Kinshasa, in Congo having lot of corruption and bankruptcy is another unsafe place to visit. It has seen fierce wars with huge casualties and nightmares. Port Moresby, Papua in New Guinea is a home to Rapes, Murders and HIV related deaths. Even riding in a car is dangerous as the gangs rob vehicles carrying foreigners at gunpoint. Harare, in Zimbabwe is world’s worst city to live in with hyperinflation and corruption reaching a never returning point making the life in the city miserable. Get more information at