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Top 10 destinations in USA to go for road trip with friends

Choosing and going for the American road trips during your next vacation can be a unique travel experience. The American roads are best to travel and explore the exclusive landscapes of this great nation. We will have a look at the roads passing through the finest landscapes as well as the less traveled roads.

1.) Pacific Coast Highway, California

The road starts in historic Monterey, enters the art colony of Carmel and heads through Big Sur where mountains plunge into the Pacific. Farther south, the landscape gets transformed to oak-studded hills as the road passes Hearst Castle on its way to Morro Bay. It offers a passage through Morro Bay and through the enclave of Carmel by the sea and view of the alluring beauty of Big Sur.

2.) San Juan Skyway, Colorado 

Referred as the "road to the sky" this journey offers splendid views from the towering 14,000-foot San Juan Mountains to straddling hillsides dotted with ancient ruins. Victorian towns offer both excitement and relaxation. Get immersed in hot springs, ride the narrow-gauge railroad, or sleep in a cozy lodge. The journey includes passing through two alpine national forests and four mountain passes.  

3.) Florida Keys Overseas Highway
The drive along the Overseas Highway U.S. - 1 from the South Florida mainland to Key West is like no other road you have ever traveled. Driving the 204 km route from Key Largo to Key West offers plenty of breathtaking views of the water and the serene beauty of the Florida Keys. The highway boasts more than forty bridges, the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico.  

4.) North Shore Drive, Minnesota 

The 248 km North shore drive from Grand Portage to Duluth is a scenic path through rugged Minnesotan wilderness. The journey covers the National forest, eight state parks and an exclusive opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities in all seasons. The national forest offers activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, and enjoying fun at the plummeting waterfalls.  

5.) Seaward highway, Alaska

The route starts at Anchorage and reaches two hundred km to south between sea and mountains across Kenal peninsula till its end at the harbor town of Seward on Resurrection Bay. Enjoy your ride with intermediate attractions of Chugach State Park, Mount Alyeska, Portage Valley, Bird Point, Turnagain Pass and Canyon Creek.  

6.) Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, New York

Cayuga Lake stretches from Seneca Falls to Ithaca in upstate New York. Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway runs parallel to its shores, offering views of beautiful natural formations a multitude of vineyards and opportunity for water sports recreation.  

7.) Dine' Tah Scenic Road Arizona

This scenic road in Arizona consists of two roads in the Navajo Nation from Chinle east to the NM border, and from Lupton north to the NM border. Ancient ruins, museums, canyons, forests, and other attractions are found along the way. Crucial roadside stops include the Navajo Nation Museum and Window Rock Memorial Park.  

8.) Peter Nor beck Scenic Byway, South Dakota

Ride an adventure trip by travelling this byway which is winding its way through spiral bridges, six rock tunnels, towering granite heads, and pristine pine studded mountains. Highlights of the journey include viewing Mt. Rushmore, Harney Peak, Sylvan Lake, the Needle's Eye and stop for wildlife viewing and hiking at the Custer State Park.  

9.) Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina and Virginia

A Blue Ridge Parkway driving experience is identical. Slow speed relaxed drive will reveal stunning long-range glimpses and close-up views of the mountains. The pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands are mesmerizing. Protecting diversity of plants and animals, the Parkway stretches around 755 km in length.  

10.) Mt. Hood Scenic Byway, Oregon

The 170 km long Byway has once witnessed the erupting volcanoes and gigantic floods through deep gorges. On this route discover geologic wonders, waterfalls, temperate rain forests and wild rivers. Explore pastoral valleys with farm-fresh produce.

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