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Caribbean Diaries

When in Caribbean you should be ready to witness some of the best scenic beauty in the world. Along with some of the best beaches you would be treated to a culture which is very friendly and yet proud of it.

It’s been an outing which would always be on top on our list of popular expeditions. Caribbean vacations are all about love for beaches and tropical sun worshipping. To save on money you could chose discounted cruise vacations offered by various tours providers. You could also save lot of money if you are booking cheap vacations from such tours providers. Booking cheap flights or booking cheap cruises is no more one off thing; you could get all kinds of services which would aid you to reduce your overall vacation costs.

I’d planned my trip after going through many such travel portals. The decision of traveling to Caribbean was chosen only going through their maximum vacations discounts. The plan was to book the cheapest cruise to Bahamas and even the hotels booked were going through almost all the hotels available online. The best thing which I experienced in this vacation was going through their history and culture. I was amazed to know that there were many Indians who got settled here when they were bought here by East India company to cultivate sugarcane in here. Since then many of them got settled here and you would find that though they have their own culture, their names are more Indian than Caribbean. Caribbean’s most celebrated personality V.S. Naipul, is one such example where you could find the name more familiar to Indians than any other state.

Be sure to visit museums where you could find a whole lot of gallery of cultures. There are many museums that treasures things which have caused coz of migration, exploration, imprisonment, slavery, colonialism & imperialism. The only thing which I found common in all of a Caribbean was the welcoming smile. Each and every individual I met had a smile on their face which could be seen even in their eyes. They are more than happy to help you anyway and they wouldn’t like if you don’t accept their hospitality. Apart from museums, you should take your time out and get yourself some time to get engage in other activities like fishing along the locals, bird watching hike and exploring labyrinthine underground caves.

There are many other things which you can do when in Caribbean and the common thing which you will find in all these things is happiness. You could go for a guided trek over a horse back and could see landscapes of volcanic mountains, lakes and lush green hill tops. You should definitely plan a trip to the Caribbean at least once in your lifetime.