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Top Unusual Things To Do In 2013 Around The Globe

The fuzz of 2012’s Christmas and New Year’s Parties has almost gone, and its time for some new plans and thoughts for having fabulous 2013. What would you think, if we tell about some of the best unusual things (which might sound strange) to do but worth to try! Without snapping any more seconds, here is the following list of Top strange things/activities to do in 2013 around the Globe :

Denver, U.S. Colorado

1) Have dinner in jungle style : The Casa Bonita Restaurant is the best one to have dinner with some unique and strange experiences. While eating food, you could witness man diving in the human made waterfall leading to a beautiful pool. The musicians pass by the dinner tables and in irony cases A human wearing Gorilla costume runs around the tables.

2) Scared of Skydiving? Try Indoor Skydiving : Let’s be honest, many of us are scared of Skydiving at some extent and some of us are too afraid to try this kind of adventure. Well, if you are new to Skydiving or just get scared of the ultimate free fall heights from Sky, The Indoor Skydiving is the best one to go for. By the way, did we forget to mention that The Indoor Skydiving is safe and much enjoyable?

Berlin, Germany

1) Jump off tallest Building without dying : The Park Inn Hotel in Alexanderplatz is much famous for “Base Flying” activities. Here the person can jump off from the Hotel’s top floor and land on the floor safely with the help of cables. The Base Flying is much different compared to the Bungee jumping and it’s much enjoyable.

 2) Capture the Street Arts in your Camera : The Berlin Streets are filled with their awesome street arts. If you love retro and modern art i.e. Graffiti, the German streets are worth to roam around and Camera clicks for the pictures.

Austin, Texas

1) Watch the Cult Bats of Austin at dusk : If you can spare some free time on Congress Avenue Bridge, you would be able to witness the mass group of bats. Wonderful actions of the bats over there make a huge crowd of people to stand and watch.

2) Taste a Weird “Dirty Taco (actually it’s NOT dirty)” in Trailer Park : The Austin is awesome place because it’s mainly filled with the foodie folks.

San Francisco,California

1) Get Your loved one for Dark Dining : San Francisco's Hayes Valley’s Indigo Restaurant offers the Unique experience of Dinning in Dark. In European cultures the trend of Dark dinning has taken much popularity. A popular belief which says the food tastes good in dark has made the trend of Dark Dinning more popular in western countries. Hence it is a must to try thing while visiting San Francisco.

2) Visit to Coit Tower : The Coit Tower is the best place for having perfect view of the city and more importantly if you explore more this place, you might encounter some of the most beautiful birds in nearby surroundings!


1) Get the company of Segway and Cruise the City : You might see one or a group of people cruising around the city on an electrical funny vehicle, but don’t get surprised. Cruising on Segway is much common in Paris. Hence Do cruise yourself by hiring A Segway to experience the wonderful wandering in Paris Streets!

2) Les Catacombes De Paris(Paris’s Catacombs): This place is definitely not suitable for the Claustrophobic people. In 17th century when there was much space problem for the crematories, this underground ossuary was developed to solve the problem of issues. These Catacombs stretch in kilometers and each year thousands of visitors come here to this historic place.

What’s your favorite unusual thing to do in your favorite area?