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Gift of the Islands Hawaiian Hula Dance

Hawaii the northernmost island group in Polynesia is blessed with all the pleasures which leisure tourists are looking for. Hawaii, one of the recently formed US states in central Pacific Ocean is adorned with warm tropical climate, plenty of public beaches, diverse natural panorama, intriguing isolated location and above all live volcanoes which attracts thousands of tourists to this beautiful island destination. Hawaiian culture represents a mix of vibrant native culture which is amalgamated with Asian and North American influences. Hawaii is an ideal tourist destination resting beautifully amidst blue waters of the ocean. Apart from all these captivating attractions there is one more secret of the islands, called Hawaiian Hula Dance.

Hawaii Vacation Packages

Hawaii is melting pot of ancient culture and splendid rituals, which are conserved in the form of beautiful dances and dramas. Hula dance is one of the best examples, which is deeply rooted in history of the region and is performed to please the Volcano goddess called Pele. A mele is performed, which describes the story of Hi’aka and Pele. Male and female dancers dressed in charming traditional costumes, sing and dance on a background of music created by traditional instruments like gourds, sharkskin drums, castanets and rattles. Male dancers chant poetry and female dancers move their feet on the bits of this music, with fire balls in their hands offering an exotic performance and beautiful views. Hula dance underwent many transformations but the charm of the dance form remained the same, offering its audience a pure entertainment and a glance of the Hawaiian culture. The background of the swaying palms and a huge ocean behind adds to the beauty of the Hula dance. We at travel universally offer attractive Hawaiian vacation packages, which will help you get immersed in the beauty of the region and unfold some of the secrets of Hawaii islands like the all time popular Hula dance.

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