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Fascinating Attractions In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of those travel destinations that tourists always love to visit at any given point of time in a year. It shares its borders with other popular destinations like Germany, France, Austria and Italy. There was a time when many of the Swiss population had to emigrate in order for livelihood; but, in recent times, it is among the richest countries in the world. Today, various travel companies offer Switzerland tour packages that are designed to suit different travel budgets and include some of the best Swiss attractions:


Zurich Attractions

A marvelous city of Switzerland, Zurich is visited by plenty of tourists every year for its rich history, trendy cafes and boutiques. Along with the usual hustle-bustle like any other modern city, it also offers plenty of options for people looking for a great shopping experience.

Rhine Falls: 

Rhine Water Falls Switzerland

They are the largest waterfalls in Europe and offer fabulous views for tourists from different viewing platforms provided nearby. These waterfalls are located near the town of Schaffhausen and were formed during the ice age.

Swiss National Park: 

Swiss National Park

It is the oldest national park in Alps and a beautiful Swiss tourist attraction covering almost half the area of Switzerland. The Swiss National Park was founded in the early nineteenth century. Visitors are not permitted to spend nights inside the park or pitch tents, but they can enjoy amazing views of the Alps from this location.

The Chillon Castle: 

The Chillon Castle

This castle is also known as Chateau de Chillon, and is very popular among travelers touring Switzerland. It comprises of 100 buildings, three courtyards, four great halls and many dungeons. From the twelfth to fourteenth century, it was home to the Count of Savoys.

Lake Geneva: 

Lake Geneva

One of the largest lakes in Europe, it possesses an enchanting beauty that draws plenty of visitors and is spread over a vast area. When viewed from above, it bears similarity to a crescent moon.

The Tropical Alps: 

The Tropical Alps

People coming from distant countries would be amazed at the beauty of this region which is characterized by pine trees and glaciers. Another interesting feature of the Tropical Alps is its rich cultural heritage.

A vacation in Switzerland can be made memorable by visiting these famous attractions. In recent times, travelers can also have some affordable tour deals that enable them to book the holiday packages at cheaper rates. These deals are often available as seasonal discounts or special offers on websites of travel companies and can also be availed if booking is done well in advance.