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Celebrating American Independence Day

Fourth of July has a special place in the hearts of all Americans, as it marks the day when their beloved nation declared its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It is a National Day in the United States of America, celebrated with parades, political speeches, carnivals, fireworks, concerts and family reunions at different parts of the country. Both public and private events can be witnessed at several places, celebrating the history and traditions of this nation.

Happy USA Independence Day

Delegates from thirteen British colonies had voted for the Declaration of Independence during the convention of Second Continental Congress on July 2, 1776. While the dispute still exists among historians whether the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2nd or July 4th of 1776, Americans have ever since celebrated their Independence Day on the 4th of July. In 1938, the Congress declared this day as a paid federal holiday. All non-essential federal organizations remain closed on this particular day, and outdoor celebrations are marked by colorful events. Parades are often witnessed in the morning, while families celebrate by hosting or attending social functions or picnics. A salute of one gun for each state of the country is fired at noon by any capable military base of United States. Fireworks light up the evening sky in many states, but they are either banned or limited to public show in some of the states.

Several politicians make their appearance at public events on this occasion to show respect to the country's rich heritage, history and people. This day also offers an excellent opportunity for people to witness the mega events that are held in various parts of the United States. As it is a federal holiday, they can embark on a trip to one of their favorite destinations in the United States that hosts major celebrations. They can find excellent tour packages on Travel Universally, which covers all the major travel destinations of the country.