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Everyone of us wishes to explore new places, but our wishes are literally killed by the ever- increasing cost. It is a bitter truth which everyone of us face at some point of time, but Travel Universally's cheap tour packages make this wish of yours come true. Now you don't have to shell out more for your dream vacations as we present packages to the most wonderful destinations around the world at unbelievable prices. Below are some of exotic destinations that one would definitely love to visit at least once in their lifetime. Some of them are known for their architectural wonders while others for their untouched natural beauty.

Istanbul, Turkey:  

Istanbul tour packages at Travel Universally

A city with glorious past and known as the bridge between Europe and Asia, it is a place where the East meets West. Though the perfect time to visit this city is during Spring and Autumn, tourists can enjoy their tour of this amazing city in any season of the year.

Montego Bay, Jamaica: 

Cheap Montego Bay, Jamaica tours

This city in the island nation is also known as the 'tourist capital of Jamaica'. For tourists, it is an exciting town that offers plenty of fun and adventure. Duty-free shopping can be enjoyed in this part of the world, while its scenic natural beauty and diverse nightlife make it an ideal place to spend vacations.

Barcelona, Spain:  

Barcelona, Spain tour packages

The second-largest city of Spain, Barcelona is located on the north-eastern Mediterranean coast and has a rich history that dates back about two thousand years. It is a city where the ancient architectural wonders co-exist peacefully with modern structures. It has a reliable transport system and is full of outdoor markets, cultural centers, religious places and restaurants. Travelers can also find its beaches very relaxing during the warm weather.

Though this is not an exhaustive list and you could visit us again to find more such cities worth visiting.