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UK Cruise Passenger Numbers Soar

An increasing number of people across the world are understanding the unique experiences that a cruise vacation would provide them with. There is a widespread misconception among travelers that land tours are more economical than a vacation spent on cruises. As a matter of fact, vacationing on cruise liners can be plenty of fun and a lot cheaper than land vacations. Some of the world's most exciting destinations are covered by cruises. While on board, passengers can indulge in various activities like shopping, watching movies and enjoying the world-class entertainment shows. Security would not be an issue for people on-board, as the cruises are monitored round the clock by trained personnel. Passengers can also have their favorite delicacies, when they dine at the multi-cuisine restaurants of cruise liners.

Cruise vacation packages

Global cruise industry is believed to have this unique approach of creating more demand through the introduction of new cruise liners. With the increase in sizes of cruise ships in recent times, the passengers are being given plenty of options in terms of itineraries and on-board entertainment. World's leading cruise lines have been looking for new destinations that are largely undiscovered, and therefore, less crowded. In the past, most of the cruise vacationers were from North American continent. Today, this trend is gradually changing, as more passengers from the European continent are increasingly spending on cruise vacation packages for enjoying an exciting time on-board. Recent figures shown by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) indicate a five percent increase in the number of British cruise passengers in 2013,  compared to their numbers in 2012. An additional 89,000 passengers from United Kingdom took a cruise vacation in the year 2013.

Future looks bright for this industry, as the CLIA has forecast the number of passengers worldwide opting for cruise vacations in 2014 to be over 21 million. Billions of pounds would be invested in new ships, which means that they may take the entire infrastructure in cruises to a new level. All the cruise lines affiliated to CLIA are ensuring that their customers enjoy a memorable vacation in their innovative and modern cruises. They are being designed to cater to passengers of all ages, while new destinations are making it to the itineraries. A significant number of cruise holiday bookings in the United Kingdom are done through travel agents. Considering this fact, newer training programs are also being devised to keep the travel agents updated about the latest developments.