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Travel Universally's Exciting Classic Europe Tour

With the amazing Mediterranean Sea to its south, and Atlantic Ocean to its west, Europe is home to some of the most beautiful travel destinations on this planet. It has witnessed the birth of greatest civilizations, and also played a major role in the history of this world. Travel Universally brings you a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the fabulous tourist locations, with its 'Classic Europe Tour'. For 15 days, you would get to witness the great historical locations, ancient architectural wonders and modern cities that have managed to retain its good old charm. You would also have a chance to experience some scenic natural surroundings during your tour.

Classic Europe Tour
The tour begins with the arrival at London, and meeting the Tour Manager. After witnessing the fantastic locations of this city like Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, you would find yourself in the Netherlands. Germany would be the next stop, after you are done touring the Netherlands and its majestic places. Then comes Italy, which offers some famous tourist attractions like the leaning tower of Pisa. Proceeding further, the Vatican City would be a unique experience with its legendary St. Peter's Basilica. Next big thing on the itinerary is the enchanting Switzerland, where you would get to witness the Swiss alpine region and its amazing glaciers. Towards the end of your tour, you get a chance to tour Paris and its world-famous spots.

Your accommodation would be arranged in world-class hotels with all the modern amenities. Meals would include popular delicacies that truly pamper your taste buds. Sightseeing tours are well-organized and conducted by highly experienced travel guides. These tours also include some attractive destinations for shopping, which provide an opportunity to pick up your favorite international brands. For people booking the Classic Europe Tour, there would be many more pleasant surprises waiting for them during their tour.