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Ideal Weekend Getaways To Beat Stress

Work can be very stressful at times, and people who are sick and tired of their busy schedules always look forward to taking some time off during weekends and relax in an exotic travel destination. There are many such places in the United States of America, where one can escape the hustle-bustle of cities and enjoy serene environs. Some of them are listed below:

Helen, Georgia: 

Helen, Georgia

This region in northern part of Georgia is full of scenic views of mountains and houses with a Bavarian architecture. Best time to be in this small town is during the Oktoberfest, when tourists can enjoy some fabulous drinks and get into the spirit of fall.

Santa Catalina Island, California:

Santa Catalina Island, California

It is simply known as 'Catalina' among the locals, and is immensely popular with many weekend tourists for its beautiful natural surroundings and exciting watersports. Travelers can visit this wonderful destination at any point of time during the year.

Litchfield, Connecticut: 

Litchfield, Connecticut

Many visitors embark on a tour of this region, from where, they can explore the majestic beauty of Litchfield Hills. Its fabulous villages and winding roads are some of the unique features that tourists visiting this place would get to witness.

Prescott, Arizona: 

Prescott, Arizona

One of the greatest attractions of this place near downtown Phoenix is the Prescott National Forest, where tourists can enjoy some amazing outdoor adventures. During the nineteenth century, this city was a territorial capital of Arizona. A quaint ambiance of this region, fantastically preserved Victorian houses and some historic saloons would remind visitors of the good old times.

Best part of all these weekend destinations is that they provide some great opportunities for travelers to explore awe-inspiring locations at an astonishingly lower cost. These amazing locations on earth offer a chance to escape into those fantastic outdoors and experience the charm of a bygone era.