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Frequently asked questions related to tourism with answers

Generally it is observed that people ask questions more frequently about topics in which they are more interested. Obviously one who wants to travel to a new destination has many questions related to the place as well as the mode of transportation available to the destinations. A first time traveler has many questions in his mind compared to the travelers who are traveling frequently.

Some of the prime questions asked repeatedly by travelers along with their answers are as follows.

Q. What are the basic requirements for traveling abroad?
Ans. - If you are a first time traveler then you must note a few basic documents, which are required for traveling to a foreign country. The most basic document is the passport, which is issued by local government authorities of your own country. After you receive your passport another important document is the Visa, which is nothing but the permission given by the country in which you want to stay. Depending on your type of travel the visa is categorized into work permit and resident visa. If you are visiting the country for employment then a work permit is issued, and if you are migrating to another country then a resident visa is issued by that country.

Q. What is meant by a tour package and what are the advantages of tour packages?
Ans. - A tour package is basically a facility in which everything related to your tour like mode of travelling, food during your tour, accommodation along with food at the destination, and other miscellanies things which are required in between your journey to and from your destination. These packages are provided by some of the expert tour operators, who are having a thorough experience and sufficient contacts at the popular travel destinations. It is always advisable to avail a tour package rather than traveling on your own, since you are visiting the place for the first time which means you will have to work hard for everything like getting reservations of train or plane, booking the right hotel which will suit your requirements of accommodations as well as budget. Above all arranging the sightseeing or excursions to nearby places is not at all an easy part. Even though if after taking lots of pains you are able to manage this, there is no guarantee that the costing matches your desired budget. So in order to avoid all this pains it is always advisable to avail an tour package from one of the reputed travel agent or tour operators like Travel Hot or Travel Universally which will provide you not only a tour package but a total solution to your traveling needs.

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