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Reason to Visit Brazil This Season

Brazil is the central attraction currently because of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The World Cup already inaugurated on 12th of June will be concluding on 13th July 2014. A perfect reason to visit Brazil, as you would be able to witness one of the most followed sports of the world live. If you are not a football follower, there is another reason which would make your trip to Brazil a memorable one. The reason being the legendary folk festival Boi Bumba.

Festivals in Brazil
It is the one of the colorful celebrations in this country which is popular for its cheering life style and a passion to celebrate events in the most attractive manner. End of June in Brazil is marked by the three day Paritins Folk festival which is a tradition preserved since past few years. Paritins is a city in the far east of Amazonas state which is located on a beautiful island at the banks of the Amazon River. The feast concentrates on recounting of Boi-Bumba fable when the town is decorated with balloons and banners in particular colors. There are two rival groups called Caprichoso and Garantido which struggle for popular praise by the spectators. The banners in blue and white are for Caprichoso whereas as red and white are for Garantido. These groups are composed of around three thousand marchers and nearly five hundred musicians and both these teams march through the city streets telling the Bi Bumba legend. Best team is judged on the basis of their music, costumes and nearness to Amazon folklore. Originally called Bumba-Meu-Boi, the story and dance behind these festivities are thought to have originated from the state of Maranhão in the 18th century. At present this folk festival is modernized with the addition of firework and laser shows to the original theme of the feast. This has added more fun and charm to the celebrations. 

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