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Tourists are in Love With English Attractions Lately

You may be in for a surprise after hearing the latest revelation by Visit England's Annual Attractions Survey. It has stated that there has been a five-percent increase in the number of visits to England's attractions in the year 2013. This is only expected to rise even further, considering the immense interest that tourists are showing for this part of United Kingdom in recent times. England shares its borders with Wales and Scotland, and includes many smaller islands like the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly. Among the well-known attractions of this region are the Devil's Arrows, Castlerigg, Stonehenge and Rudston Monolith.

Despite the challenging economic conditions prevailing in most parts of the world, England is contributing immensely to the economy of United Kingdom with its majestic offerings. Researchers are of the opinion that the beauty of this country and its interesting ancient structures have been highlighted through innovative digital marketing strategies, such as, the use of mobile apps. You can enjoy a cost-effective tour of the country with the help of the all inclusive vacation deals offered on travel packages of England. These packages are available on some of the leading travel portals. All these websites offer the best online booking facilities and also provide all the valuable information that you want to know about a particular region.

Results of Visit England's Annual Attractions Survey have further shown that the rise in revenues came from a strong digital presence of each of the country's attractions. Almost all of them have a website where you can information about their various aspects. The survey also provides a glimpse into a booming tourism in London, as it is the place that attracts most of the visitors. Among the other places in the country favored by many travelers are East Midlands and North East England.