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Dubai – Witness the Arabian Jewel with Travel Universally

Dubai is one-of-a-kind place on earth where man's visions become reality and all dreams come true at a blink. This jewel-oasis is a seamless amalgamation of the modern world and traditional aspects of life in the United Arab Emirates and you can experience them both at your own pace.

Earlier what was a small economy was transformed into the most visually dynamic and stunning cosmopolitan city in the world, originally built on the oil wealth. However, now it is more to it, the city has turned its attention to become 'THE' tourist hotspot. Attracting many interests from its offerings and a perfect example of the ancient and modern worlds co-existing side-by-side.

Dubai Attractions

Dubai is an ambitious place and one of the must-see cities of the world. It offers many attractions such as camel rides, traditional markets, golf courses, Mecca of branded shops and yes, you will surely praise its intriguing beach-line.

One of the many popular places, Wild Wadi Water park, in Jumeirah is one of the best parks in the world and while visit this, you can wheeze at world's first 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab a marvelous structure raising high in the sky few meters away from the coastline. Many cosmopolitan duty-free malls, haute couture boutiques and local bazaars well quench your senses, catering to your shopping needs. The Dubai Desert Safari takes you on an exhilarating voyage through the fabulous sand dunes.

Dubai takes architectural design to a whole new level, and has become the epicenter of skyscrapers and gigantic construction projects that are making history in its skyline. Apart from the world leading hotels and luxurious accommodation to world's hottest marinas there are plenty of tours and events that are top notch to. Dubai hosts one of the world's Grand Prix stages, ATP Tour Tennis and golf tournaments, its sealine sees tantalizing water sports year-round.

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