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Montego Bay Now Has a Refurbished Cultural Centre

With some fantastic tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, elegant hotels, and a cruise line terminal, Montego Bay is one of those exotic places in the world where tourists like to spend their days of leisure. This city is set against the backdrop of picturesque mountains that delight every tourist visiting this part of the world. It is the second-largest Jamaican city that offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy duty-free shopping. Ongoing modernizations have greatly improved the infrastructure of this region, and would go a long way in making it the most favored travel destination in the Caribbean.

Atrractions in Montego Bay

The Montego Bay Civic Centre, which was undergoing some major renovations, was officially opened as Cultural Center recently in Sam Sharpe Square. With a contribution of 109 million dollars towards its refurbishment, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) took a major step towards fulfilling its mission to promote growth and ensure development of tourism in the city. People of Montego Bay as well as numerous tourists who make a trip to this region would now get a chance to explore this renovated Cultural Center. It is home to a museum, an art gallery, artisan village, bistro, gift shop, and a space for performing arts. With a variety of cost-effective packages provided by several travel companies, tourists can enjoy cheap vacations in Montego Bay and get to visit the newly renovated Cultural Centre.

Jamaica's largest airport called 'Sir Donald Sangster International Airport' is located in Montego Bay. Many of the European and North American airlines connect this island city with the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. Several cities of the United States and Canada can be reached within a very short time from this region. An excellent transport system of Montego Bay makes it truly convenient for tourists in reaching their desired destinations in the city without any hassles.