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The Rich Culture of Dominican Republic

One of the largest islands of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic is spread over a vast region on the island of Hispaniola. It has Atlantic Ocean to the north and Caribbean Sea to its south. This country is a perfect blend of Taino Indian, African and European cultures. People visiting this nation can witness it in the region's music, food, arts, and many other aspects. Within a short span of time, tourists can have the good fortune to experience both traditions and modernity in Dominican Republic. Among all the things that introduce travelers to the rich cultural heritage of this country, food is the most visible aspect.

Attractions in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Vacations
 The delicacies served in this part of the world have a Latin American feel, and one is instantly reminded of the fact that this country was once a Spanish colony. Dominican Republic's cuisine makes a generous use of meat, rice, and beans in its dishes; while Taino Indian culinary delights feature ingredients like plantains, potatoes, and yucca. Besides its rich cuisine, the country has also managed to preserve its traditions through brilliant artwork. Decorative and religious figures made of porcelain, guano, clay and hemp are created by the local artists, which can be purchased as souvenirs at several markets and shops of this region.

A tour of this nation would give tourists the opportunity to explore its fabulous culture. Many of the popular travel sites come up with irresistible all inclusive vacation deals that allows travelers to have a great time in Dominican Republic. They also offer them a chance to visit the interesting places and popular attractions of the country. Making a trip to Dominican Republic during festive occasions like carnival would help them know more about the nation's culture. They can also indulge in some wonderful celebrations along with the local population during these times.