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Amgen tour of California – May 2015

Visit California in 2015 and get the zest of the most stunning event of US event called “Amgen tour of California”. Since 2014 is moving away at a faster pace and the year 2015 is only a few days away, you might be planning holidays at one of your dream destinations. Why not plan a vacation which will serve dual purpose of traveling for leisure as well as witnessing one of the largest events in US.

Amgen tour of California

Year 2015 will witness one of the prestigious cycling events, which will be covering a stretch of more than one thousand km of the most romantic roads of California. The competition will be moving through popular highways and alluring coastal region. Tour of California is one of the best opportunities to the worldwide cycling professionals. This event in 2015 will be the most competitive one challenging topmost cyclists like Olympic medalists, participants of France tour and previous world champions.  Next year on 14th May 2015 this eight day event will be bringing lots of excitement among the participants as well as spectators. The city of Santa Clarita is going to retain its title of “Host city” for the seventh consecutive time. Taking a start with an applaud at Nevada it will be traveling through Americas most romantic redwoods, wine country, as well as the pacific coast and finishing at Escondido the southern Californian city. For scheduling your travel, you can refer one of the portals like Travel Universally.