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UK has Become a Favorite Among Chinese Travelers

According to one of the latest research papers, most of the travelers in China are eying United Kingdom(UK) to enjoy their vacations. This latest craze for UK among the Chinese people is being attributed to the massive promotional campaign, which is being conducted in Guangzhou and Hong Kong by Britain's official tourist agency. Great Britain ranked second in the list of fifty nations that the Chinese people favored for tourism this year. The amazing shift conforms to the fact that there was a ten percent increase in the number of visits to Britain by the Chinese travelers in the year 2013.  

Great Britain has plenty of surprises in store for tourists coming from different parts of the world. Its countryside would charm travelers with sparkling Scottish lochs, South Coast beaches, and historic gardens. Some of the most attractive vacation deals offered on leading travel portals also give tourists the chance to explore the rich British culture. World's biggest arts festival in Edinburgh, sculptures of Tate Modern, and Scottish National Gallery offer some fabulous cultural experiences to the tourists of Britain. Historical monuments, royal palaces and some of the top museums of the world can also be explored in this part of the world.

Arts festival in Edinburgh
Arts festival in Edinburgh

Excellent connectivity to all major cities of the world makes it convenient for air travelers to get to the United Kingdom. Luxury coaches to the country from several European destinations makes it easier for people residing at those places to reach Britain without any hassles. Travelers from European countries like France and Belgium can also make a trip to the United Kingdom by Eurostar or Eurotunnel trains. Tourists can get around in Britain comfortably with the availability of an excellent public transport system. They can choose from various options available in Great Britain's public transport, such as, trains, buses, coaches, and taxis.