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Kick Off Your New Year in Dubai with Travel Universally

Located on the eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is a charming global city known for its amazing hospitality and a rich cultural heritage. World-class infrastructure, luxurious hotels, elegant shopping malls, beautiful beaches, fascinating deserts and a year-round sunshine are some of the offerings that the city has in store for you. Although it has made an astounding progress over the past couple of decades, Dubai has still maintained its Islamic way of life. The city is largely cosmopolitan and welcomes visitors coming from different parts of the globe. However, the tourists are expected to have a certain level of religious and cultural sensitivity during their stay in this city.

Happy New Year 2015
Happy New Year 2015
Dubai prospered under the progressive leadership of the Al Maktoum family, which has ruled the region since the early nineteenth century. In the past few decades, its economy has witnessed an incredible growth across different sectors. The emirate's government has taken great efforts over the years to reduce its reliance on oil and to improve its trade, services, and finance sectors. From the tranquility of its deserts to bustling souks, Dubai offers you a wide range of attractions.

Spread across an area of 3,885 square kilometers, this second-largest of the United Arab Emirates is located on the banks of Dubai Creek. It is a natural inlet from the Gulf that divides Dubai into two regions, namely, Bur Dubai and Deira district. The city enjoys an arid subtropical weather, characterized by blue skies and bright sunshine. Best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months from November to April, and the city welcomes the New Year with some grand celebrations. Travel Universally's attractive Dubai tour packages enable you to have a memorable tour of this city at the most reasonable prices. We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.