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Qatar Airways Spreads Its Wings in Africa

Travelers who are keen to explore the amazing travel destinations of Africa can get started with Eritrea, a country that has experienced tremendous growth in recent times. Economy of the country has made these advancements by capitalizing on its abundant natural resources. Its capital city, Asmara, has many offerings in store for tourists visiting the country in terms of architectural wonders and a rich culture. Qatar Airways has now expanded further in the African continent with the launch of its services to Asmara. This is its twelfth new destination, and passengers from different corners of the world would be able to land in the Eritrean capital via Doha.

Qatar Airways chose to celebrate this occasion in Asmara itself, with a grand VIP reception held in one of the hotels in this city. It was attended by several high-profile guests including ministers and corporate bigwigs. During the reception, guests were entertained by a perfect mix of traditional music of Qatar and Jazz. Towards the end of this event, a grand finale raffle draw was held to offer guests the chance to win Business and Economy Class tickets of Qatar Airways. With all the glitz and glamour, the VIP reception was truly a fabulous event.

In just 17 years of its operations, Qatar Airways has seen a rapid growth, providing services to 146 key destinations across the world. The starting of non-stop Qatar Airways flights to Asmara has given the five-star airline an opportunity to access the African market, which has shown immense potential in recent times. With the beginning of five-star services of Qatar Airways to Eritrea, new avenues for stronger ties with the international business communities have opened up for this African nation. These services have also given leisure tourists the chance to discover one of the most exotic destinations of Africa.