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IATA plans to Improve Air Travel Experience Soon

According to recent IATA (International Air Transport Association) findings, both Domestic & International Air travel demand is on an increasing trend compared to previous month. Comparing passenger kilometers in 2013, the total passenger kilometers have risen in 2014. It’s also said that it’s more than the average annual growth rates in last 10 years.

Domestic and International Flights

China happens to be the main contributor for the above mentioned fact as it has experienced almost 15.5 percent increase in its air travel demand. Leaving exceptions such as Africa almost all the nations have recorded an increase in the year-over-year growth in number of kilometers flown by the passengers. This is considered as a good omen for Aviation Industry in years to come. Domestic air travel is more on rise with increase in new airlines every year entering this business.

China is looked upon as a biggest contributor accounting to two third of total increase in Domestic Revenue PKs. All this, despite economic slowdown, Aviation industry is proving to be a vital driver of the global economy. Industry is making efforts to improve the passenger experience resulting in smoother air transport. This will definitely have a positive impact on the travel and tourism industry.