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New Zealand Travel Industry Expecting a Big Season

It is observed from a statistical survey that New Zealand has experienced a great rise in its overseas tourist arrivals. The summers in New Zealand have turned out to be the best summers witnessed ever. Especially the hike in the number of Long Haul Visitors clearly projects it as one of the most sought after destinations in 2014. According to New Zealand Travel Expert, Paul Carberry (New Zealand in Depth, UK) this has been one of the most preferred long haul destinations for the British.

New Zealand Tourism
New Zealand Tourism
Another important reason why NZ can expect to see a big rise in tourist inflow is the bigger range of events such as the Cricket World Cup or The Hobbit Films which help in the promotion of the country. The tourism sector in New Zealand is developing rapidly to get more market share in the Global Tourism targeting top end travelers through new air routes and making arrangements for safer travel experience for adventure tourists in the country.

The statistical studies indicate an overall increase of 5% growth in international arrivals for the past year to 2.83 million. This growth may result into some capacity constraints to a certain extent but overall an outstanding season could be expected this year with reference to the growth trends recorded so far. TravelUniversally provides you with some great Last minute flight deals if you are planning for a New Zealand Trip.