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Rise in Smartphone Usage Fuels Online Travel Bookings

According to Mark Walsh the portfolio director of Reed Travel Exhibitions, the number of people booking their tickets on the Internet is increasing these days. This is good news for the online travel industry. The use of mobile phones and other smart devices is the main cause behind this upward trend. As per the research conducted over a period of 12 months on the regional travelers planning their trips online, 48% of total online bookings were made using smart phones. This number would rise to 69% if tablets were included in this category. 50% travelers from Saudi and 30% from UAE have also used online services with their smart phone devices.

Travel Booking Through Smartphone
Travel Booking Through Smartphone
The Middle East’s mobile Travel market is in its nascent stages as compared to the other regions of the world but will definitely see a surge according to the demographics of these regions. The population of young travelers is also seen to be growing at a rapid rate in Middle East and Africa. Consequently an exponential growth in use of mobile devices is also forecasted by the year 2017 which would be approximately 4 times of the current users in these regions. This would again have a positive impact on online travel planning trends. Another evidence of the same is apparent with the 22% rises in the participation of exhibitors of travel technology this year. 

Considering these findings we can expect a tough competition in travel markets leading to witness more and more discounted travel deals in the years to come. To conclude, planning your travel online will be optimal in terms of acquiring cost effective travel deals and vacation packages.