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Top 4 Tourist Destinations in Thailand

People are attracted to Thailand because of the modernization it has undergone without losing its original charm in the recent years. Here are the famous four Tourist Destinations in Thailand which have gained a huge response from tourist across the globe.


Bangkok Attractions

When you reach Bangkok you will be amazed by its ultra modern looks. But it is also true that its traditions and culture is also visible through every glimpse of this city in Thailand. Visitors around the world come to Thailand to enjoy the hospitality of Bangkok every year. People in Bangkok are traditional and affectionate and you will come across both fast and serene environments in and around this city.

Chiang Mai:

Attractions in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a city loaded with cultural and natural wonders in Thailand, Chiang Mai is where your search ends. You will be amazed with its scenic beauty when you visit the rivers, mountains and waterfalls while touring this amazing city. If you love to visit tribal areas they are here too. You can actually witness folk life in the hilly regions of Chiang Mai. Adventure Enthusiasts will be happy with the opportunities it has to offer them in the mountainous regions. Chiang Mai is voted as one of the top destinations in Asia.


Attractions in Pattaya

Did you know that Pattaya is the most popular beach destination in Thailand and has also won a 'People Choice Award' for the favorite destinations in Asia. People traveling to Pattaya see hordes of travelers from Europe and Asia who come to enjoy the cool beaches over here. Located on the east coast of Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya has a lot to offer in terms of recreation and shopping opportunities.


Attraction in Phuket

It is the largest island of Thailand; full of bays and sandy beaches. View this island from a distance and you will know why it is called 'Bukit". In Malay 'Bukit' means 'a hill'. And Phuket is the name derived from this Malay word because it actually looks like one from a distance despite being an island. The coastline of Phuket is rich with natural flora and Fauna and is well guarded by its authorities.