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Saudi – The First Airline Providing Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

Airliners constantly gauge their customer needs and come up with some great value additions which improve their travel experience. It is a strategy to differentiate their airlines from the others to gain a bigger market share. There are two ways to stay ahead of the competition. Either you provide same service for a lower cost or provide something more at the same competitive costs. It is a brilliant way to attract new customers and increase loyalty in the existing customers. Saudi Airlines is the first airline company to address the one of the most crucial pain points of the Air Travelers

Saudi Airlines Free In Flight Wifi

Saudi Airlines figured out that their passengers are eager to stay connected on their social network all the time. It is definitely one thing could really make the travel experience more interesting especially on long haul destination journeys. To fulfill this reasonable demand they have come up with a mobile phone application. It is a proprietary application which would enable the passengers to connect to a free in-flight internet provided by Saudi Airlines throughout the journey. The procedure is simple. The passengers would simply have to scan the barcode on their boarding tickets by which they will be provided with a code. 

They can use this code to log in to the in Flight Wifi connection. This way they can easily stay in touch with their near and dear ones on social networking sites, carry on their online business activities and keep them entertained as well. This announcement is for all of Saudi’s First Class Customers flying on the airline’s A330s and B777-300s on international routes. The app is available for free download on apple store and soon would be available for Android Users as well.