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The Top Beaches in Madrid

Spain has a coastline of three thousand kilometers approximately divided in 6 major sections. There is a big list of Beaches in Spain despite being around three hundred kilometers away from the sea topographically. It is the reason why these beaches are not considered natural is that the distance between the Sea and the City is simply too far. Being based on the river side, you come across a beach every three to four hours while travelling in and around Spain. Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are some of the Best Beaches in Madrid. Valencia is at around three hours of drive from the city. It is an ocean beach nearest to Madrid and easily accessible by road. You could even a go for cheaper public transports like trains to get down at Valencia. Only thing you need to remember is protect yourself from the sun’s heat while you walk along this beach. People usually explore this place in the evenings when the climates are cooler in Madrid.

Another beach with an amazing white sandy patch is the Beach bordering river Alberche.  People enjoy swimming and paddling boats in this river water. Lots of tourists are attracted to this beach during summers. If you love drinks, you may find some good bars lined up on the beach side. People also love to lie down on the fine silver sand and have beer. Only thing you need to carry with you is your swim wear to enjoy over here. The best beach in Madrid is Costa del Sol. It lies in the province of Malaga and has an exclusive sunny climate all the year. It is one of the most sought after Beaches in Madrid. Spain’s beaches are unique in many ways which is why they create a lasting impact on your memory when you go visit Spain.