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Let’s Slurp some Soup in NY

Soups, Main Coursed Desserts
Soups, Main Course, Desserts
Soups are a great way to start your dinner. There are hundreds and thousands of varieties of soups and thousands more join the world of recipes online and offline. There is no end to soups and its variations. Soups are made all round the world across different cultures. Soups are the perfect appetizers that prepare your body for the onslaught of about to be gorged food! We will take a look at some amazing soups that are a must-have in New York City especially if you are a traveler. When traveling to New York TravellUniversally has an amazing East Coast Package available which includes New York, be sure to check it out!

New York City is literally littered with restaurants that offer some really great tasting soups.  Soups are omnipresent for the travellers for having all kinds of taste-buds. As Times Square is frequented with travelers all round the world, the restaurants cater to the taste demand of most of the tourists. Soup Spot – don’t be fooled by the name. Although the name sounds like a dedicated restaurant serving only soups, it is not. Besides soups, they also serve proper dinner. If you are not at all price conscious, there are some amazing restaurants to surprise your taste buds. Sometimes it’s not just the price but the quality of the food, the service, the ambience and so many things that come with it that the price is worth it. You will find varieties like Shushi Zen and French restaurant like Le Bernardin. Tourists will find many restaurants to their liking which includes Indian, Asian to Middle Eastern. The Knife-Peeled Soup is a particular favorite among noodle lovers. 

If you are a vegetarian and wondering, ‘what about us?’Don’t worry. New York City does not mean a meat-lover’s paradise. With more and more people switching over from a non-vegetarian to a vegetarian lifestyle – it will come as a no surprise that Times Square has some best restaurants for veggie lovers! There’s Vegetarian Pho at Lan Cafe, M Noodle Shop and many more. Some restaurants also offer dual choices that cater to the needs of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian travelers. Hino Maru is another restaurant that offers some great-tasting veggie ramen.

If in New York – restaurant review sites like,, etc are a great help, ensure to check the reviews should you decide to dine at the restaurant of your choice.

Now that you have had your fill of soups and the main course, it is now time for some desserts. From the amazing taste of Lime Pies, pretzel croissant to the traditional chocolate chip cookies – the varieties of desserts out numbers the number of soups in the Big Apple – or so it seems!

New York City has it all. Food is the most essential part of traveling and immersing yourself in the kind of taste what it has to offer – the every second wait is worth it. From the classic to the modern, the western to the eastern – there’s something for everyone. Tourists, occasional visitors and resident New Yorkers are truly spoilt for choices!