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South American Wonders

Historian and archaeologists have been fascinated with the Incan architecture. It was surprisingly pyramidal in shape bearing much resemblance to their distant cousins – the pyramids of Egypt. Incans, like their Egyptian counterparts also practiced mummification – this came as a surprise to historians who were under the impression that only ancient Egyptians practiced mummification of the Royalty. TravelUniversally offers a great package to visit the Incan ruins.

Peru, Machu, Picchu, South America
Machu Picchu
When you arrive to Machu Picchu, you will notice the huge sharp peaks in the background. You take few steps further and notice there are more mountains; the place is filled with mountain on all sides. Lush greenery surrounds the place as far as the eye can see. The pyramid is made of stone and builders have not used any other material to bind the stones together. These stones are simply placed on top of one another. How did they do that is still a mystery.

Other wonders of this South American country is it beautiful natural surroundings. The country has protected natural areas and wildlife observations. The Andean mountains provide the country with the most essential element to support life – water. It descends downstream to many rivers and lakes from the mountainous snowy peaks.
Peru, Peruvian Food South America
Peruvian Food

The most important part of any traveler's itinerary is food. Peru’s menu is stacked with flavors that show the local tastes abundantly. For the Foodie Traveler, there is something that will always suit his or her palette. You will find over a thousand varieties of soups to choose from and sauces and salsas. These two accompaniments of sauces and salsas form an essential part of Peruvian Cuisines and find its way on all dinner tables including yours. Peru is well known for potatoes. Yes and there are lots and lots of them. Peru is home to thousands (not hundreds) of varieties of potatoes and the country has plenty to offer.
Travelers will find several unique drinks to choose from for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinkers.
Travelers can tour the old churches in the country’s capital – Lima that offers fascinating view. From the museum of Natural History to several other museums that display arts from around the world, the art depicted in these museums focus on pre-Columbian cultures, history, religion and science.
Peru has some amazing nightlife and some happening party scenes in the capital. Travelers will find many clubs to their liking – some of them play jazz to hip-hop to the latest EDM tracks, there’s something for everyone. The clubbing scene begins a few hours before midnight and goes well into the night to few hours before sun-rise.

If Peru lacks something it’s only some good beeches. If as long as beeches are not on your mind then you will surely enjoy your stay in this country as it has a lot to offer. From the rich cultural heritage of the Incas to the current modern settings, Peru has something that makes it one of the best South American wonders. One is certain to enjoy Peru especially for the history buff. Peru’s ancient is truly fascinating and the ancient aura that permeates through the Incan ruins helps add to the feeling.