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To Cruise or not to Cruise

Cruise ships offers a different experience altogether when compared to air travel. Essentially, cruise ships take longer to reach their destination but that’s not the idea for cruising on the high seas. These so-called Floating Hotels rules the roots when it comes to offering luxury service on par with the best five-star hotels. It initially catered to the upper class of people trickled slowly down to the upper middle class – able to afford luxury travel. One might even argue that cruising isn’t for everybody and it holds some truth in there. Nevertheless, the experience it offers is very different to the quick air-travel.

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Time to Cruise
A host of cruise liners are available at anyone’s disposal. Should anyone decide to venture the high seas, all they have to do is make a choice of the possible destinations they would like to take. But that forms a trifle itinerary. The experience that awaits the first time traveler to the high seas is definitely worth trying. The first thing that comes to mind is when on a cruise ship is the open breeze what one enjoys. This openness is what lacks in an airplane as one is not able to enjoy the surroundings. Moving away from port, past sundown, an unforgettable experience is watching the stars at night. Away from the city’s nasty light pollution, the night-time sky in the open seas offers a spectacular view of the constellations. Star-gazing is not the only activity one can do. A few cruise liners offer something else as well. For entertainment, they have an on-board theater where regular performances from top artists enthrall the crowd. Want to try your hands at indoor sports? Why not try your hand at bowling or pool or badminton. These in door activities might be something that you often do but doing this on a moving cruise ship is a different matter.

These floating hotels besides offering services on a lap of luxury offer services than cannot be provided on an airplane. A fine example of cruise ships’ services is the ability to shop for reputed brand on board. Some of them even offer spa and salon services as well. Due to the length of time it takes to reach from one destination to another, cruise liners also offers educational lectures to language classes and many more.

One of the most amazing benefits about cruise travel is you don’t have to hunt for hotels since you take your hotel with you wherever you go. When the ship makes a call to port, you can explore the destination and then return to the ship. Then there’s another destination for you to explore. This will happen from time to time until the cruise ship returns you to your point of origin. There’s no saying what wonderful things one may come across while on a cruise.

The vast expanse of the seas, the varying destinations and different people one may come across. The gentle sea-breeze hitting one’s face is feelings one cannot afford to miss not forget.